Sunday, April 27, 2014


An important thought for Sunday afternoon.

By now you've probably heard about the exploits of a rich NBA dude who was earned rebuke in the mainstream media ...

New York Times: N.B.A. Investigating Racial Remarks Tied to Clippers Owner

NPR: NBA Probes 'Disturbing and Offensive' Comments Attributed To Clippers Owner

Chicago Tribune: Longer version of alleged Sterling rant emerges amid widespread outrage

Don't think this important? Even our Prez has weighed in . . .

Obama: Alleged remarks by NBA Clippers owner 'incredibly offensive'

Local angle . . .


In KC this guy can get a wide array of diversity training along with schooling from a great many local leaders who will adjust his attitude. Also, maybe he can find a better class of lady friend who will keep their mouth shut.

It's an idea worth exploring and probably more practical than building even more toy train track . . .


Anonymous said...

TMZ.. About as reliable as TKC.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the new york times also pick up the story?

Anonymous said...

What's really comical and so typical is that it has been well known that Sterling has made these kinds of comments for years, but somehow the NAACP was about to give him his SECOND award.
Now why would they be doing that?
And would have they presented it to him if this story hadn't become public?
Apparently the award is given for something other than character, personal behavior, or even racial attitudes.
Now what could that be?
Another round of phony outrage and general condemnation of society based on the comments of one dufus, pompous rich guy with a trophy girlfriend.
Let the circus begin!

Anonymous said...

don will fit in real well here
in kc with chuckles the sad
racist clown.
and the rest of the racist blow hard loserson tkc.
but this sterling dude gets more
poontang than anyone.
1.8 million dollars to the
girl who records their call.
wow...the man has cash and loves
the ladies.
and at 80 he makes glazer look
like a nerd.

P Bear said...

Living proof that white men need to leave those fucking "SHE DEVIL" halfrican women alone.

You think that half and half that Sterling called a girlfriend didn't tape his rant. Never trust on of those half fucks. Sterling got what he deserved for being stupid. He could buy any pussy he wanted yet he laid up with this piece of shit halfrican. Dumb bastard probably wasn't even fucking her. You know she was real bright too, hanging with Magic "I got da bug" Johnson.

Nope, the Bear has no sympathy for Sterling. Sleep with flea bag cunts and you get fleas.

Anonymous said...

Sterling is a big Democratic Paty doner. This will blow over and go away in a week. Holder will call Sharpton and tell him to back off.

Anonymous said...

6:00 PM TMZ is reliable. I think you mean as scandal-focused as TKC. TMZ and TKC are always on the money. Don't believe me? Google Councilman Pastor Michael Brooks. LOL

Anonymous said...

I swear, I used to know a kid in junior high that talked to people like P Bear.

He got his ass kicked pretty regularly, and I am fairly sure the teachers looked the other way.

Had little to do with his point of view and everything about arrogance.

So, the unanimity is pretty perfect.

Anonymous said...

Yes I remember that kid as well he was witty and always on the money. I as well remember it wasn't him who got his ass kicked but a little punk bitch that sounds like you.

Anonymous said...

I got 36 hours in the pool for the post of this issue that has nothing to do with KC, but everything to do with the opportunity to pander to race baiting.

Tony, you really get warm fuzzies from this?

Anonymous said...

Check Lemming 759. Dumb shit.

Anonymous said...

Perfect!!! He hates niggers too!!!

Anonymous said...

CLUE. When Tony changes colors and goes for RED CAPITAL LETTERS, he's shot his wad.

Skip the rest and scroll on down to the next story.

Anonymous said...

Buck Ofama

Anonymous said...

This guy reminds me of a guy named Barack Obama!
Raised by a white family, went to an exclusive prep school, Ivy League colleges, only embraced his "blackness" as an adult when he found it advantageous for seeking political office. Joined a "white/Jewish" Chicago law firm, taught at an "elite white" Univ. of Chicago, joined an "elite white/Jewish" country club/gym, etc. Privately can't stand to spend time with poor and middle-class people of all colors.

P Bear said...

Now we find out the halfrican girlfriend was making recordings of a conversation after she posted pics of herself with Magic "I got Aids from being a sleezeball" Johnson a former LAKER.

Know the Clippers hate anything Lakers. The Clippers have been second class citizens to the Lakers since their inception.

With that said, Sterling goes off on the picture. She is recording, then the recording gets released to TMZ. She denies leaking it. Well, you made it. Who the fuck else leaked it ?

Now here is where it gets interesting. The big question you have to ask is WHY.

As CHUCK says and the Bear totally agrees: "FOLLOW THE MONEY".

Two days later Magic Aids Boi comes out and says Sterling must give up the team. Hmmmmmmm. To whom ? Oh, you Magic Aids Boi.

Yes, now the NBA is going to give the team to Magic Aids Boi. Can you politically correct acting, ass clowns put these giant dots together?

Who says claims of RACISM isn't profitable. I bet Glazer odds that this halfrican whore will see her bank account explode in the next 6 months after the Aids Boi takes over the Clippers.

Oh what the fuck. Go ahead on with the lame fucking bullshit calling the Bear a racist and bigot. Good luck. I don't own a Pro Basketball Plantation.

P Bear said...

UPDATE: Now we find out the halfrican ho is the subject of a multi-million dollar lawsuit that she targets older white men. Sterling has given her a Ferrari, a Range Rover, two Bentleys and a huge amount of cash.

Now Magic the Aids Boi will be covering that tab for years to come.

Ho'ing and racism seems to pay if your a halfrican slut running with a Aids carrier fraud like Magic Johnson.

Anonymous said...

This guy's worth over a BILLION bucks. Do you really think he gives a flying fuck what the niggers think?? Hell, I'm broke and even I don't care what the niggers think.....Assuming the dumb fucking animals CAN think.

Byron Funkhouser said...

He talks like the players would be homeless without him. The players support him by bringing in more revenue than they cost. He doesn't support them; they support him.

Anonymous said...

6:42 you cant be that stupid. 95% of black NBA player do NOT have a college degree.

They would be living on the street, dealing crack and being hood niggers without basketball.

Who the fuck are you kidding?

Anonymous said...

7:23 is right on. But the ignorant public can't get enough of it, which is why the sports hoops, rap ganstas and other thugs become "successful." The vast majority of sheepish, brain-dead Americans salivate over pro-sports, hip hop, the Kartrashians and all that sort of drivel, then complain about the effects it has on society.

Anonymous said...

Here's the timeline:

Summer 2014-LA Clips move to KC.

Fall 2014-Donald Sterling gets a high rise apartment on the Plaza.

One Saturday night later-Donald Sterling looks out his window, sees hundreds of, ahem, those people, and dies of a heart attack.

Diggin' for Gold said...

Does that girl love him for his personality, or is it his good looks?

Anonymous said...

That girl doesn't look anything like her grandpa!

Anonymous said...

Sleep with a flea-bag halfrican, you get fleas.

Wonder where the Jewish Defense League is hiding on this one ?