Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Kansas City Top 20 News Link Workout

Here's our afternoon exercise of link compilation and all of the Kansas City mainstream links that might be worthy of consideration . . .

Inspiration . . . Nikki Lund and Nikki Leigh Enjoy A Workout Together


And here we go:

- Billionaire Neal Knows What's Best For Kansas City: Cerner CEO backs plan to raze, replace Kemper Arena

- Tragedy On The Other Side Of The Bridge: KCPD identifies man killed in Northland head-on crash

- Kansas City BURNS Today: KCFD: Fire forces families from apartments, arson suspected

- Kansas Old School Protection: The law is aimed at protecting people 70 and older who are victims of financial abuse. People convicted of large-scale abuse could be sentenced to more than 40 years in prison.

- Sixth State Sanctioned Killing In Six Months: Missouri plans execution after Oklahoma stay over drug secrecy

- Time For Payback: State workers' pay an issue for Kansas lawmakers

- Nobody Likes Paul Even After Star Endorsement: Poll: Brownback 47%; Davis 40%

- WaPo Considers Political Dinosaur: Bob Dole is back in Kansas, running for nothing, but running hard

- At Least The "Tool" Terminology Is Correct: Missouri's Republican and Democratic Parties Retool For Fall Elections

- Sunflower State Justice: Prosecutor Seeks Death Penalty in Kansas Killings

- More Nasty Amber Alert Charges: A southwest Missouri youth football coach Craig Michael Wood accused of kidnapping and killing a 10-year-old girl is now facing rape and sodomy charges.

- Afternoon Confessional: Kansas City Man Pleads Guilty to Armed Bank Robbery

- Show-Me The Tax Fight: Nixon: Flaw in Missouri tax cut bill could cost state $4.8 billion . . . Analysis says Missouri tax-cut bill would mean $0 state taxes for earners over $9,000

- Pro-Weed Testimony: Mom: Colo. marijuana laws benefiting daughter's condition

- Don't Forget To Vote For Kansas City For A Party That's Never Coming!!!

- Engineering More Tax Breaks That Meet With Everyone's Approval: Panel OKs incentives for $231M Burns & McDonnell project

- Dead Tree Media Local History: Long-forgotten KC Packers will take center stage at Wrigley Field

- 2nd Rate QB Ask: Alex Smith says his agent has contacted Kansas City Chiefs about contract extension

- There's Room In The Shark Tank: Polsinelli gets some company in Plaza Vista

- Nice Lunch News: New coffee and vintage furnishings shop is open in antique district

And right now this is the OPEN THREAD for all things Kansas City and otherwise . . .


Anonymous said...

The older broad is waaaay outclassed by the younger one. That girl on the right is righteous!!

Fuck NO To the New Kemper said...

That is a crock of shit asking KC taxpayers to pony up 30 million dollars to build a New Arena and tear a paid for Kemper down.

If Neal Patterson and Tuna Kemper want a new arena, pony up your fucking money. George Gustello fucked the American Royal up to where it will never be the same. Now it's just for the KC elite. Common folk that built it are left out in the cold with high prices and no opportunity.

Fuck the KC elite, Boots and BBQ and all that horse shit. You want it.....you pay for it.

I vote NO to more tax dollars to waste on New Kemper.

Anonymous said...



I could not agree more. If the rich people want a new Kemper then they need to pay for it. The average person will not be able to afford tickets to any of the events there anyway.

Only the social elite get the good seats anyway. Just to go to the AR Rodeo, we had to sit in the upper deck. Our family could not afford $100.00 per seat to sit in the lower level.

I too vote NO on the New Kemper

Anonymous said...

Fuck Mariner Kemper and Neal Patterson, they got billions, let them pay for it.

I vote NO too.