Friday, April 25, 2014

The Kansas City Friday Night LinksLinks

Aria Giovanni reminds us that it's time for the Friday night run through featuring a great many Kansas City mainstream media news that didn't make the cut for the work week . . . Check it:

- Just Another Kansas City Metro Shootout: Group of men terrorize teen before posting up in motel, prompting standoff

- Gov. Brownback Healthcare Attempt: Kansas Governor Announces Plan To Use KanCare Savings To Reduce Waiting Lists

- The Opposite Of Romance In The Golden Ghetto: She was reading a book in her car when a man flashed her and grabbed her breast.

- Lesson In Sunflower State Education Crackdown: Partial dismissal of Kansas schools lawsuit sought

- No Defense For Mommy Dearest: Kansas City woman who locked 9-year-old in basement gets 7 years in prison

- Stabbing Aftermath Cuts Both Ways: Man gets consecutive life sentences for murder, assault

- The Creepyface Conclusion: Former bandmate enters plea in death of rap artist

- Lesson In Pain Across The Bridge: Student injured after pellet gun fired at school bus in Northland

- Dead Tree Media Insight From Two Years Ago:Getting more Missouri Democrats elected in 2012 would have helped Gov. Jay Nixon now

- Show-Me Precaution To The Wind: Missouri House passes motorcycle helmet bill

- Cowtown Human Interest: KCPD officers lift spirits of shooting victim

Right now, this is the OPEN THREAD . . .


Anonymous said...

Trash is trash. Someone take the trash out please.

Anonymous said...

Democrat or Republican Trash?

Anonymous said...

I dunno what party those idiots in Blue Springs follow or that gas station shooter. All I know is that they are trash and should not take up precious oxygen.

Anonymous said...

True dat