Sunday, April 20, 2014

Steve Rose: Golden Ghetto Against Hate

This morning Kansas City columnist Steve Rose offers an important perspective on metro diversity.

Check it:

Anti-Semitism in Johnson County is not the norm

This is good to know and it's I can also report that JoCo is good with Mexicans who power their economy with cheap labor.


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Graduate of SME 1973 said...

Steve Rose is one who shouldn't talk about hate. He is no doubt one of the more hateful people I know. Not at anyone particular group mind you but he just hates about everyone. I have never had one pleasant dealing with him they have all been rude, self promoting, my shit don't stink type response from Mr. Rose. So Steve take your idle chitchat about hate and shove it up your Jewish tight ass. There a little of your own medicine back at you. said...


You may think you hate Steve Rose, but Dwight Sutherland on kcconfidential has a Wyatt Earp Vendetta thing for the dude.

Rose must really be abrasive.


Anonymous said...

Now THAT, is an ass whooping!

Anonymous said...

No mention of Daryle Lamont Jenkins from One Peoples Project who was the first to Blog the identification of Glen Miller Cross. Jenkins group had been tracking him for decades. People ask why don't they give their information to the authorities and you must understand the authorities had better record on Miller Cross than anyone. Just like civilians working online to catch sexual predators, civilians volunteer to track and identify hate groups. Andrew Breitbarts affiliation with Neo Nazi groups was captured on video by One Peoples Project.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Izard not getting more grief HE WAS NOT FROM HERE

Anonymous said...