Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sophie Dee Starts Kansas City Wednesday

Sophie Dee is a porn star from South Wales and this morning she inspires a collection of Kansas City mainstream media links with her zebra bikini hotness.

- Downtown Kansas City Hobo Park Redecorating: Plan to revitalize Washington Square Park in downtown KC is underway

- Price Of Suburbia: Fairway to vote on sales-tax hike

- Toy Train Crunch Time: A judge is expected to decide this week on a push to expand the Kansas City streetcar.

- Waiting For A Savior: St. Mary's still for sale

- Sleaze Summit Sandwich Reporting: Government watch | Deli owner challenges Lee's Summit on mural-like signs

- Cowtown Drag: Private Birthday Party celebrates a gay old time in KC

- Bi-Lingual Across The State Line: Trinity Community Church to start offering services in Spanish

- Cowtown Hockey Recap: Missouri Mavericks' season ends with 4-3 loss to Arizona in double overtime

- Golden Ghetto Comeback: OP runner trains for return to Boston Marathon

- Cowtown Early Season Baseball Winning: Royals 4, Astros 2

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Anonymous said...

Cow a bunga !

Byron Sheepbung Banger said...

4:49 - Why such excitement over a cows bung?

Anonymous said...

She actually LOOKS like a porn star. Got that "I'll do anything on camera, even THAT, if the money's right."

Anonymous said...

She is a racist.