Friday, April 11, 2014

Show-Me Super Bowl Pipe Dream

Missouri Sen. LeVota wishful thinking . . .

Fox4: A task force would be charged with trying to bring the Super Bowl to Kansas City under a resolution passed by the Missouri Senate.

The Senate voted unanimously Thursday to send the measure to the House. If adopted there, the state Department of Economic Development would be asked to form a group to “examine what measures need to be taken” for Kansas City to host the game.

Sadly, headline grabbing legislation is the only way football winning will happen in Kansas City proper.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Sounds like more "studies" and more paid consultants that will bilk millions of dollars of taxpayer money for a PIPE DREAM.

Can you imagine a Super Bowl in KC in Feb ? What would the people do for a week in KC in Feb? That's downright laughable.

This is nothing more that GRIFTERS lined up at the taxpayer money fountain.

KC looks like the guy in the Geico insurance commercial riding the motorcycle with the money blowing off. That's KC on the cycle. Just blowing money into the wind.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt the NFL execs would even put a Super Bowl in a cold state again even if it has a dome cause the media will bitch and moan like pussies that it's too cold.

Anonymous said...

8:57 am is exactly right.
Just another example of what passes for city government in KCMO being nothing more than a taxpayer-funded ATM machine with an endless line of con men trying to guess the PIN number.
Where's Charlie Wheeler and the World's Fair?
Or maybe the Winter Olympics with skiing down mountains made out of public money!
Don't any of these people understand what a joke they're making of the metro?

Anonymous said...

If KC doesn't stop fucking with the sewer money this town WILL BE the Super Bowl

Anonymous said...

ALEC at the Marriott on May 2nd. See ya' all at 11:30 AM!!!