Wednesday, April 30, 2014

ScarJo And The Kansas City Wednesday

ScarJo is looking classy yet busty in the latest issue of Vanity Fair and I'm kinda chill this morning. Also, here are THE TOP 20 KANSAS CITY LINKS we're checking right now . . .

- NBC Action News Reports This Local Ripoff Reax: "The Missouri Attorney General's office issued a preliminary injunction against Clark's Automotive in Kansas City on Tuesday, effectively shutting down the business, which the AG said was knowingly selling stolen cars."

- Sex Ed Lesson: Kansas and Missouri officials applaud White House efforts to combat campus rape

- Midtown Kansas City Quack Admission: Former Waldo chiropractor admits to $3M Medicare fraud

- Northeast Kansas City Community Finance Education: City officials learn about CID

- Golden Ghetto Education Fight Round Deux: SMSD superintendent seeks solutions for a second-straight night

- Less Filling And A TOTALLY Important Booze Link: Missouri lawmakers OK by-the-bottle beer sales

- Making Good On A Rock Chalk Mistake: Kansas classroom aid estimate drops by $12 million

- Show-Me Loans To Big Time Losers: Missouri Seeks to Lure High-Stakes Gamblers

- One More West Edge Blowout: Jimmy Frantze unveils plans for a new JJ's Restaurant on the Plaza

- Kansas City Street Tribute: Grieving family wants road that dad was killed on made safer

- Show-Me KMOX Reporting Canine Fear: New Dog Virus Could be Headed to Missouri

- Weed Check Out In The Stix: Traffic stop in Platte County yields significant amount of pot

- More Kansas City Area Telcom Competition: Cox Plans Faster Internet Service This Year to Challenge Google

- Kansas City Early Season Comeback: Royals rally late, hold off Blue Jays 10-7 to win series opener

- Health Talk In KCK: Wyandotte County leaders spread awareness about breast cancer

- Underground Tunes In KCK: Going off the grid with five scene players at their favorite low-key venues

- Cowtown Hipster Coffee Kingpin: Latte art champion comes back to Kansas City

- Even More Tiger Celebration: Mizzou introduces new men’s basketball coach Kim Anderson

- Life Lesson Across The State Line: Foster mom says Kansas' system needs to change

- Northeast News Review Of A Weekend Interrupted: Chalk Walk 2014

And this is the OPEN THREAD for this morning . . .


Anonymous said...

Up early to go paint kale leafs in latte foam, then on to my beard hair exhibition. Later I'm going to the burbs to tell my parents how fantastic I'm doing with my art so I can get bank account recharged for the summer. I'll be doing another exhibition with my artist friend who does body bag art next week. Where we will be appearing at Target, Best Buy, and Wal Mart.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Frantze, is that the dude that is putting the new Jimmy Johns on Broadway ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Scarjoe" was ok until I spied the tattoo on the inside of her arm. That'll make her a pass.

Deuce said...

Yeah, i'm sure she'll cry at night because her phone isn't ringing for some Internet loser in kCmo.

Fucking dweeb @7:04.

Anonymous said...

yea mon. do it with tattooed chicks and you get diseases. then your unit falls off. tats are bad. look at the pics on any most-wanted-crooks list.

chiropractor, Fraud? Redundant said...

Midtown Kansas City Quack Admission: Former Waldo chiropractor admits to $3M Medicare fraud

Name one Chiropractic treatment that is not a fraud?

"Perhaps if we kill a chicken your back will stop hurting?"

Anonymous said...

Wait until these tatted up ladies age. Nothing is more pathetic than an old lady with tattoos.

Anonymous said...

Her face looks different, not sure if the new plastic surgery was a good idea.

Anonymous said...

anyone know what Tony Bones position on "unsolicited bulk email" is by chance ?


Anonymous said...

Isn't there a Buycot on ScarJo for selling soda pop in Israel

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that a dick-head, such as 7:12, even knows how to type. Probably using the point on it's little head to push the keys.... Fucking dimwit.