Tuesday, April 08, 2014

NYT Considers Gov. Brownback Election Teaching Moment On Kansas Education Funding And Teacher Tenure Crackdown

Even conservative broke-ass Kansans are starting to learn that sacrificing their kids education for corporate tax breaks isn't a smart move . . .

New York Times: School Funding Deal in Kansas Complicates Governor’s Campaign for Re-election

The most important note about GOP diversity in Kansas: "If anything, the measure — and a grueling, round-the-clock battle in recent days to reach it — was an election-year reminder to Mr. Brownback and other state leaders of the complexities of Kansas politics: While the state capital is firmly controlled by Republicans, they are by no means of a single view."


Anonymous said...

Is it true that Brownback and Colyer send their own children to private schools? What hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

Special place in hell for Browneye.

Anonymous said...

Kansas already has problems recruiting teachers because most Kansas school districts pay some of the lowest teacher salaries in the country.

Teaching already is a hugely difficult job that requires tremendous dedication and a very thick skin.

Now a Kansas teacher can be fired just for pissing somebody off ... something that's inevitable, given the job ... or for a lifestyle that doesn't quite conform to local community norms .. gay, liberal, religious, atheist, whatever.

Who in the almighty hell is going to want to teach in Kansas after this?

Teachers did NOT have tenure until now. They merely had a right to due process ... meaning that they could be fired only for good reason. Teachers got fired ... but not for their political opinions, their sexual preference, their politics, the color or their eyes, etc.

The legislature nitwits are quickly turning Kansas into a rural slum and a reservation for the poor and the ignorant. You call that conservative?

Anonymous said...

9:44 Preach!

Then they will wonder what the hell happened when their property values drop once stellar schools are no longer the reason to move there.

Kansas City here we come.

Anonymous said...

His wife moved out on him, keeping on the downlow for this election cycle. She staid Methodist when he converted to Opus Di while back in Congress. That makes for good times when wants to wear the barbed ankle bracelet.