Tuesday, April 01, 2014


TKC Note: This important information comes from a KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTER and is backed up with an impressive infographic. Remember that we blogged some chaos @ Northeast earlier this year and now there seems to be a turnaround. Check it:

Kansas City Northeast High School Turnaround?!?!

Dr. Douglas Bolden has a reputation as a man who can turn failing schools around. He turned Northwest Middle School and Schlagle High School around in Kansas. Now, we have proof that he is turning around Northeast High School.

This mid-year acuity test is a MAP-type test given during mid-year. It is a strong predictor of map scores. You will see that, in English, Northeast has the highest improvement. The improvement was even higher than Lincoln and Paseo, two schools considered the best in KCPS. The improvement in Math was 3rd best. However, when you consider the deplorable test scores of last year, this is remarkable in itself.

Dr. Bolden’s doctrine is simple: “No excuses”. He expects everyone, from administrators, to teachers, to students to do their job. He will go to the end of the earth to help a failing and troubled student, but he will not accept excuses…nor will he allow them to endanger the rest. If a student wants to turn their life around, Bolden is compassionate and forgiving, but he is serious about education.

He is getting the job done, as quiet as it is kept.

Click the image or this link for a look at the possibility of KCPS progress . . .


Anonymous said...

Teaching to the test.

elBryan said...

Dr. Bolden is amazing and he has some great teachers at Northeast. A Northeast math teacher and humble friend of mine was given an award of recognition for his outstanding and often thankless work for Northeast students.

I almost felt bad soiling a meeting devoted to the recognition of all that hard work with my scathing speech to the board, but Save Thacher, Save Our Schools is equally dedicated to preserving an Historic icon for our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

If this is true and actual, meaningful change is happening then good for them. And by meaningful change I mean not just improving test grades but influencing other aspects of their life. If they are just "teaching to the test" like the other poster noted or worse, like the teachers in Atlanta who were just giving the answers, then this is useless. My hope is this is real and transfers to other aspects of their lives like valuing education and using it to go to college and/or getting a job and not being an anchor on society like so many people like them are. We need a study five years from to see where these kids are who are taking this test. It will tell if the results are "real" and not contrived. Did they actually learn anything or were they taught the test and regurgitated information they promptly forgot after the test.

Anonymous said...

So obviously this exclusive comes from Byran Stalder I, Esq.

(nice moniker, nitwit)

Anonymous said...

Acuity Tests are just bullshit. I used to teach and give these to students in KC School Dist. There's no real correlation...almost without fail, students would perform FAR lower when they actually took the state mandated MAP Tests.

Anonymous said...

@9:39 Acuity is made by the same people who make the MAP. My MAP scores beat my Acuity C and tend to match up with Acuity B.

Anonymous said...

WOW, so your telling us the gang bangers an hip hop thugs are doing their homework? WOW