Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Of all the writing on recent tragedy in Kansas City . . . Writer Hampton Stevens probably offers the most personal and profound bit of writing on the topic.

Check it:

Hampton Stevens @ The Daily Beast: Frazier Glenn Miller Would Kill Every Jew Like Me

Highlight . . .

"I knew this was different from other mass shootings. I knew this was not a “random act” of violence but a targeted killing—and that my own seemingly safe community was the target . . . The tendency for the educated among us will be to desensitize ourselves—to deny the truth of this new Jew-hatred. We will dismiss the shooter as a demented hick from rural Missouri; the last remnant of a near-dead ideology that once held sway in American hinterlands. Far from it. All over the world, attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions are on the rise. From desecrated synagogues in Los Angeles and Ukraine, to the recent neo-Nazi rally in downtown Kansas City, to the constant stream of bloodthirsty demonizing that spews from government-controlled media in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, every sort of Jew-hating, for every sort of reason, grows ever more common."

Seriously, check the article in its entirety . . . While other Kansas City newsies struggle to earn a place in bigger markets, Hampston Stevens is a writer with influence on a national level and his take on recent local events offers a definitive perspective.


Anonymous said...

media whore

Anonymous said...

Whats his position on unsolicited bulk email ?

I got ya covered. Beware of pegging Sly.

Anonymous said...

I don't really care about this whole story.

Substitute blacks or Hispanics for Jews and Neo-Nazis, and you have a circumstance that happens all too often not just in Kansas City, but across the country.

Those incidents of violence are largely ignored.

The fact that the shooter, the intended targets, the victims and the venue were white makes this a case to notice? In my book, not hardly.

chuck said...

Total Bullshit.

Look, I support the Jewish State, the most radical of Jewish leaders, the settlements on the West Bank and the fuckin JDL. But pretending that there is an imminent threat in the US to Jews is fuckin crazy.

Again, the crimes BY THE PROTECTED CLASS against citizens all over the US in one day, will far surpass DEATH BY THE HANDS OF NAZIS in the last 50 fucking years.

Jews DO control Hollywood. I'm ok with it for the most part, sans the blatant politicization of most of the content eminating from same.

Jews DO control the banks and they have done a really great job for the most part of keeping teh American dollar on top.

So gimme a fuckin break, this is, in no fucking way, the Warsaw Ghetto, it is America, where a horrible thing happened by way of a horrible, but eviscerated ideology.

The bullshit movies of the week, no doubt now, in the pipeline, will portray Nazis behind every bush in Overland Park and throughout America. This is another straw man red herrign that hypnotizes the chickens while the Protected Class continues to wreak the devastation and chaos that is part and parcel of the liberal narrative.

By the way, fuck Harvey Weinstein.

Anonymous said...

The number of victims -3- out of the myriads of potential targets that were present speaks volumes about the mental capacity of the neo-nazi yadoo. We should be thankful he wasn't more successful.

Haverkamp Langsford, Carriage Club member said...

An opportunist never misses an opportunity for self-promotion.

I saw a guy with a tiny mustache said...

It wont be long until Alonzo claims Sammy Davis jr was killed by a Nazi cabal hidden in Fairway Ks. As sad and tragic as this crime was, the only reason , THE ONLY REASON, it is getting so much press is due to the shooters ethnicity. Wouldn't matter if the victims were jewish, black, or one of the letters in the LGBTQ community. The rare white cracker comes out of the sticks and kills 3 people. Morons like Byron, the leftist media, and every prog with an agenda are clinging to this ISOLATED crime like Hitler is marching across the plains of Kansas. Meanwhile the real threat to americans will continue to get a pass.

Anonymous said...

I can think of several places the murderer would have had a better chance of murdering jews. The fact that the murderer managed to kill 3 white Christians on a Sunday in south Johnson County shows the lack of brains of the hater/murderer. But it's still all about the Jewish people and their feelings because the place he murdered Christians at had the word "Jewish" in the title.

Anonymous said...

Frazier Glenn Miller Would Kill Every Jew Like Me……Hampton Stevens

What does Mr. Stevens mean when he says “like me”? Is he opining that Miller wishes to kill all Jews, or just all Jews like Hampton Stevens? Seems like Mr. Stevens is desiring to insert himself into the tragedy on a personal level doesn’t it?

After feeling the need to inform readers of his particular movie viewing habits, Mr. Stevens would have us believe that he is a psychic by revealing that “I knew this was not a “random act” of violence but a targeted killing.”

Next, read the following excerpt and see if it makes sense to you: “My skin was red, mind awash in blank rage. The world looked different. The streets of Kansas City, my home—where my father and his father, and his father before him were born and raised—now looked alien to me. The faces of strangers seemed newly, weirdly hostile. And people wonder, I thought, why there has to be a Israel.”

Why was Mr. Hampton’s skin red? Why was his mind awash in blank rage, when he had no details of the shooting yet? Is Mr. Hampton prone to wild mood swings or irrational behavior? And how in the world is he linking a political argument for the state of Israel, to a single insane man from our Midwest?

In the next paragraph, we read “Shawn…he’s a good man and close friend of my family, but at that moment, though, I didn’t want to talk to anyone who wasn’t Jewish.” This statement is quite revealing, as Mr. Stevens is admitting that he is a prejudiced, racist individual, even when it comes to his family friends! To emphasize the point further, he writes “I told myself I would never date another non-Jewish girl.” Ok, we get your point! You’re a bigot! But, why are you so vociferous in your desire to blame other innocent people?

Mr. Hampton’s illogical diatribe goes on further, but what’s the point of continuing? He’s clearly not thinking straight. What bothers me most about this article is not Mr. Hampton’s overwhelming prejudice, but his selfish attempt to insert himself into this tragedy and then to lecture others about his perception of their weakness and misunderstanding! Perhaps one of the worst things I’ve read in a very long time.

Anonymous said...

No Jews were killed, you dumbfucks.

Anonymous said...

East coast media elite gets clicks on his shitty blog by exploiting a recent tragedy. Wash rinse repeat.

Were all adults here. No one would care if this was one nig killing 3 other nigs in KC but because it's white on white in OP it's national news.

Now there's a story.

Anonymous said...

Tony, refrain from expressing your fanboy admiration of somebody you wish you could be in life.

Anonymous said...

Hampton (what a pretentious, douche bag name BTW) was fear mongering hardcore with this piece. It was isolated and the Jewish community is not at risk. Period.

Chuck, as always, is DEAD ON with his assessment of both Hampton and Jews.

At this rate, I wouldn't be the least surprised if these reoccurring acts of killing - on the eve of the Boston Marathon bombings no less - are government orchestrated in order to perpetuate a fear agenda and to further divide and conquer society itself.

Yeah, I probably got dismissed as someone on the lunatic fringe with those comments, but for once just think for your fucking self for a change.

Ask yourself this: Why do these acts of violence tend to happen between April and May? Don't take my word for it, look it up for yourself. It's like a season of sacrifice. No joke.

Anonymous said...

"Neither, it should be noted, were any of them Jewish. Dr. William Lewis Corporon and his grandson, 14-year-old Reat Griffin Underwood were both members of a local Methodist church. The third victim, Terri LaManno—who died in the parking lot of the nearby Village Shalom retirement center—was a practicing Catholic."

You totally contradicted the article's main idea, Hampton.

Tony, stop figuratively sucking his cock.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Anon 1:40

Its because April 20th is Hitler's birthday.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jews are under attack. Better give them even more power and control over finance and the media.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, that article is embarrassingly bad.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather read Hampton Stevens every day than have to take the chance Hearne Christopher, Craig Glaser, Jack Cashill or Steve Rose will excrete themselves in my life.

Thanks Tony. Thanks Hampton.

Anonymous said...

Hampton Rocks. He's one of KC's best.