Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mission Gateway Stays Losing Local Tenants

Pitch takes apart Golden Ghetto promises: "Mission Gateway has been less rocket fuel and more empty promises mortar shells in the nine years since Valenti bought the mall, tore it down and and proceeded to pitch all kinds highfalutin ideas for the 26-acre moonscape at Shawnee Mission Parkway and Johnson Drive. And his roster of apparent retailers is about to get even less surprising - and less locally owned."


Anonymous said...

What a joke!
Another local politician tries to play amateur developer and ends up giving away tens of millions of taxpayer money, helps create a major eyesore in the community, and screws up the little city of Mission in the process.
And the same thing will happen the next time a big-talking out of towner rolls into Dodge with all the usual promises and claims.
They never learn.

Anonymous said...

Mission elected a new Mayor TWO WEEKS ago. Why hasn't he fixed this problem? He promised!

Steve has one more week and we can start the Recall!

Randall Pootay said...

WalMart. Live Here. Work Here. Play Here.

Anonymous said...

Never understood why they tore down a perfectly good structure in a decent neighborhood.