Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lucy Pinder And Kansas City Tuesday Links

Lucy Pinder has always been one of our faves and right now she inspires us to check these Kansas City mainstream media quick links that are a bit more relevant than most . . .

- Kansas City Terminal Condition: "Precisely because ATAG has not been presented with real alternatives to the new terminal plan, many ATAG members feel they do not have enough information to make a recommendation, and rightfully so."

- Local Telcom Trouble And STILL Losing Customers: Sprint shows smaller financial losses but higher customer defections

- Now That The Saudi Dude Is Long Gone: Kansas City man trial to start in slaying of Warrensburg bar owner

- Doggie Warning: KCK police want to find 2 aggressive dogs

- Missouri Weed Forgiveness Trouble: Clemency efforts continue for Missouri man serving life for pot

- Suburbanites Don't Need Streetcars: New Olathe grocery store's business model includes online ordering, drive-through

- Souring Local Agri-News: Kansas Wheat Turning Brown Shows Drought Damage for Winter Crops

- Industrial Run-off: Less pollution, less cash for Missouri air program

- Washington Times Insight: In Kansas, the civil war involves two conservative candidates and competing factions in the conservative movement and the Republican Party.

- Lesson In Surveillance: Missouri lawmakers pass ban on tracking students

- Show-Me Po'Folk Crackdown: Missouri bill could limit unemployment benefits

- Tiger Good Times: Contract for MU's Kim Anderson is five years at $1.1 million guaranteed

- Internets Muscles In On Tax Time For Kansas City Company: H&R Block prepares fewer returns in FY 2014

- Cowtown Good Deeds: Kansas City Church Brings Local Food To Neighborhood Without Access

- Lunch Break: KCMO to Participate in National Walk@Lunch Day

- Just Washed Up In Town: Paddlefish caught in Missouri River near Kansas City after lengthy swim north from Mississippi

- Local Talent: Kansas City Actor Emerges In 'House Of Cards'

- Settling For This Town . . .Study: KC among most affordable places to buy homes

- Suburbanite Pooch Protector: Lenexa gets new police dog

- Spicy Lunch Link: Pho Hoa to briefly close for remodeling and name change

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

KSHB reporting double shooting. Where? 46th and Cleveland and Emmanuel Cleaver II Boulevard.

Anonymous said...

H&R Block has gotten a bad rep over the past 8-10 years. Well deserved, but bad nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

I heard on the news that the dogs they are looking for in KCK are boxers and not Negro Terriers.

P Bear said...

Poa Hoa, is that Pootie Tangs new

place on Troost ?