Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Lexie Marlow And Today's Kansas City Links

Lexie Marlow promo bikini pimping start our Kansas City afternoon look at local links . . .

- Man plunges from Heart of America Bridge into Missouri River: Water rescue crews at Heart of America Bridge

- Obamacare Could Change Red State Vote: New Poll Shows Medicaid Expansion Could Be Factor In Kansas Gov's Race

- Show-Me Phelps Clan Crackdown: Mo. House endorses funeral protest law change

- Missing The Missouri Recovery: Fewer Missouri residents are launching businesses

- Kansas City Could Burn: Risk of grass fires high across much of Kansas City area today

- Yael Gets More Conservative: 'Just say yes' crowd seeks wins on KCI and streetcar expansion

- Look For This Dude In Dreadlocks: KCPD seeks man in connection with fatal hit-and-run crash

- Rock Chalk Millionaire In The Making For Maybe About 10 Years: Kansas' Joel Embiid declares for NBA Draft

- Happy Rock Mexican Food: Downtown's Los Corrals opening a Gladstone restaurant

- Kauffman Biz Coffee Talk: 1 Million Cups comes full circle on two-year anniversary

- Stylish Slumming: Allen Fieldhouse, Arrowhead Stadium make GQ's list of 12 best sports pilgrimages

- Hollywood Actress Doesn't Ask A Lot Out Of Life: A Chiefs game is on actress Jennifer Garner’s bucket list

Once again, this is the OPEN THREAD for all things regarding these links and otherwise . . .


Anonymous said...

Pee Wee best stay out of Gladstone, the hit is still on his ass... Remember the bus fart boi Pee Wee.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the King Tut show at Union Station is pretty amazing. It's mostly reproductions --- very, very good ones -- of artifacts from Tut's tomb, but it's an accurate reproduction of the ENTIRE TOMB AND ALL ITS CONTENTS. Even at the best of times, you couldn't see that without going to Egypt and enduring a lot of time stepping in camel shit and touring dank and stuffy underground places. And they're duplicated the tomb as it looks when it was found -- something you can't see anywhere else.
Now, with Egypt in turmoil and likely to stay that way, forget about it, even if you can afford to go. I was really impressed. And I was on here earlier suggesting it wasn't worth seeing. There are no crowds on weekdays, by the way.

Gay and Lesbian Alliance said...

If we what to see phony shit we look for Glazer. Nothing to see at Union Station but queers sucking each other off in the bathrooms or the back parking lot.