Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Last Days Of Kansas City Community Radio

Pitch profiles the last stands of crackpot broadcasting on the nice side of the Internets: Barry Lee shakes things up at KKFI 90.1


Anonymous said...

Never heard of him and I was there at the beginning also.

Anonymous said...

After having spent several years in REAL broadcasting I also logged some time behind the mic doing the morning show back in the 80's. KKFI's Board run plan did nothing for listeners or broadcasters as the control freaks were constantly hanging out at the station truing to implement personal agendas, complaining that too many shows sounded too commercial and pushing an ultra left programing plot. The station has pretty much sucked since. I will kiss the feet of the man or woman who can turn that mess into a broadcasting outlet, but in honesty, I am not holding my breath. There is too much riff-raff and too many screw balls to clean out of that place for any one man.

Anonymous said...

Lord knows, you tried your best. (Grin)