Sunday, April 06, 2014

Kansas Weekend Teacher Mobbing!!!

TKC NOTE: "Check this important missive on KICK-ASS KANSAS TEACHERS RALLYING FOR THEIR RIGHTS in the face of the Kansas education fight . . ."

Saturday Night Topeka Mob

While the kids are on the Plaza, Kansas teachers were working late and for free in Topeka last night. Just trying to protect basic employment rights.

Kansas Legislature was told by the Supreme Court to fix school funding. So, today's finance answer? Vote to get rid of due process for teachers.

Note this is not tenure, but due process. Meaning anything goes when it comes to firing a teacher. Sexual orientation? Not protected in Kansas. A teacher with 3 years experience would no longer be protected by due process and could be fired without any review. Student or parent rumors about teacher performance? Could be grounds to be fired with no recourse available.

Teachers were meeting in Topeka today as this bill came over from the Senate. They went to the Capital to voice their disapproval. The House voted to recess until 6pm, hoping the gallery would clear out and teachers would go home. The House came back to see crowds are still there and then voted to recess again until 9pm.

Teachers are used to working through recess and are not leaving. We'll see what happens . . . Reps should know it's not a good idea to ditch with this group.

None of this would be happening if the Jayhawks were playing in the Final Four tonight.

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Take it to the streets!