Thursday, April 03, 2014

Kansas GOP Blinks On Fighting Abortion

AP reminds us that Republicans are really just a lot of big talk when it comes to stopping baby killing: Kansas lawmakers avoiding big abortion debate Deets: "Top Republican legislators are blocking a debate in Kansas on banning most abortions early in pregnancy while engineering passage of a bill sought by abortion opponents to make technical changes in anti-abortion laws."


Anonymous said...

Kansas has more orphans than the Army can handel right now

Anonymous said...

Governor Brownback,

Your Brown-backers are waiting for you to MAKE GOOD on your promise that Kansas would be the most Pro-Life State in America.

We've heard you boast that you finally have the majorities you need in the Legislature to bring about the change you keep telling us you also want.

Four years should have been enough time.

We will be watching, and voting!

Right now you're just another slick politician.

Anonymous said...

Sam the Sham!

Anonymous said...

4:08, He's not slick, that's greasy. Do you need a list of the companies who have greased him? Look no farther than the Koch Brothers. Bought and Paid For.

Anonymous said...

4:08 How naive can you be? Have you not noticed Browndouche and other national politicians talk the talk during campaign season to one-issue voters like yourself and then NOTHING ever happens about it? This has gone on for decades in local and national elections yet you fall for it every, single time. Don't you ever get tired of being used? How many times does somebody get away with lying the same lies to your crowd? The Republican party has fed you this same crap for decades. They get your vote then don't follow through on a single one of their campaign promises. They'll do it again in this election cycle and you will all vote Republican again. In the immortal words of George W. Bush, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me again, can't get fooled again." Browndouche supporters kill me. First he went to D.C. where he was part of the problem. So then he comes back home and wins in a landslide despite the fact he's a typical Washington insider, the kind of person the tea-party portends to hate. Yet they vote for him overwhelmingly. The phrase "low information voters" comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

6:04, what is your solution? Don't vote? That's like surrendering to the Brownback Jihad and I just can't do that.

All of the Kansas Christian Conservative Republicans have been forced to eat crap and told that it's a gourmet meal.

They all give me indigestion. Recycle the bunch of them.

Anonymous said...

4:39 This is 6:04. For starters, this coming November Congress is up for election. Vote them all out. Every single one of them. My congressman sucks and so does yours. And so does everybody's. Now with gerrymandering this is almost impossible. It will take an overwhelming number of voters to come out and have their voices heard but it can be done, though unlikely. It looks like I hate Republican politicians and I do but I also hate Democratic politicians too. They all suck and they all need to go.

Anonymous said...

You mean you religious repubs think they really care about you after they use the hot button issues to get you to vote? Hell, the only thing that matter now is tax cuts!