Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kansas City Weekly Report From City Hall

Here's all the Kansas City good news from 12th and Oak this week . . .

Again, we like that KCMO is putting a bit more cash into production values and presentation which is nice given that it's all mostly in service of a multi-billion dollar development agenda that's soon to bankrupt Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

I hate that crappy logo.

Anonymous said...

Picking up all the trash along highways and roads that 18-29 somethings toss out their windows.

Makes sense. Useful.

Anonymous said...

Who's butt do you have to kiss or lick to get into the CK Power circles?

Anonymous said...

The list is really long, but at least you have the right idea.
No sense in actually working hard, building some competence, and actually being able to bring some service of value to the game.
Just push and shove and elbow your way into the front of the line and schoomze, schmooze, schmooze.
Who knows? You might even wind up with a job at KCPL!