Monday, April 14, 2014

Kansas City Weekly Report And Other Links

There's really only one story to discuss this morning . . . We're posting this quick compilation of KCMO muni-info links because the topics are somewhat important and just as a notice that we'll get back to regular postings later in the morning . . . But for now, check it:

The Latest KCMO Weekly Report from City Hall

KMBC round-up of recent severe weather along with a notice of falling temperatures and possibly snow for the morning.

Hyperblogal: Red Buds In The Rain

KCMO's Curbside Leaf and Brush Collection Begins Monday

Local Violence Doesn't Stop: Shooting at I-70 near I-635 this morning. KCK police confirm 1 was killed and 1 was injured.

Right now, given the circumstances, we're taking a brief pause because the gravity of the recent fatal shooting tragedy demands as much and because we don't want our regular bloggy goodness to be misunderstood.

Billie Faiers in black lingerie because even hotness can be in mourning . . .

We've got a lot of e-mails to return and there are important posts on deck . . .

Make no mistake . . . Hopefully, in just a few we'll return to our regularly scheduled posts in typical and AWESOME fashion coming up in just a bit . . .


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