Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kansas City Tuesday Tragedy Links

Horrible news all the way around on this Kansas City Tuesday . . . While others following the lead of our blog community . . . We're staying ahead by serving not only as a resource but also the last bastion of KICK-ASS KANSAS CITY FREE SPEECH . . . Here are the links we're checking right now:

- Nasty Sauna Suburbanite Story: Man groped by stranger inside Overland Park fitness center

- Suburban Ruckus: City of Leawood blamed for HyVee closing

- Sex Ed @ The College Level: Park University responds to recommendations about sex assault policies

- Dead Tree Media About Two Weeks Late To This Story: A QuikTrip in my neighborhood? Not so fast, say midtown homes associations

- More Than This Actually But This Is A Nice Round-Up Report: Lyft ridesharing program already ticketed 6 times by city

- Dead Tree Media Called Their Black Friends: KC civil rights leaders back NBA's actions

- Call It Another Obamacare Mandate: FEMA requiring some new KCK homes have tornado safe rooms

- Shout Out To KCFD In The Era Of Proposed Cuts And Overtime Politics: Woman rescued from KC house fire

- Cholesterol On The Go: Ubuntu Cafe - carry-out soul food - now open on Troost

- Thanks To Congressman Cleaver: KC's World War I Museum in line for national designation

- Hyping Kansas City's Great Divide: Hope builds along Troost

- Horrible Advice From A News Hottie: Loren Halifax: How I went from just alleviating symptoms to better health

Here's the tragedy we were talking about: Nuts, The Farewell Issue

This mag was one of our favorite and we linked and liked quite a lot. Now they are no more . . . In the era of Dead Tree Media Decline.

This is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .

Sniffle . . .


Anonymous said...

Loren Halifax: I feel your pain.....and his name is Mark Alford!! Eliminate from your environment for relief.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good job KCFD

Anonymous said...

"Ubunto Cafe" on Troost??? What are those niggers selling now, shit sandwiches on rye??? Dumb coons.

P Bear said...

Loren Halifax, whats your position on unsolicited bulk email ?


Anonymous said...

I'd let Loren Halifax fondle my nuts!

Anonymous said...

First comment says it all! Mark Alford is such a boob, I can't believe 4 has kept him so long. He's like the embarrassing uncle that everyone tries to avoid at family events.

Anonymous said...


I like to poke fun at FOX4's Mark Alford because he has a healthy sense of humor, including making fun of himself. This is a good thing.

He understands that the broadcast news business stopped being serious years ago, and utilizes humor to cope with the monotonous entertainment drivel that news-readers must endure to remain in their slots.

I would much rather work with Alford, than someone who still falsely believed they were a "serious" news person.

How about Mark Alford and Randy Miller team up for an early morning radio program? I predict they would be hilarious and instantly popular!