Monday, April 07, 2014

Kansas City Single-Terminal Fuzzy Math

Show-Me blog adds up the plan for the single-terminal scheme that doesn't seem to be worth it: "Combine retail with food sales, and revenue to KCI from all concessions climbs to just less than $3 million per year. When we remember that KCI’s total operating revenue is $104 million in 2013, we see just how miniscule the retail source of revenue is."


The Big Picture said...

I think we're all missing the main point here. And that is that the new terminal project, both the construction and the operational phases, create an avenue for moving money from the pockets of the everyday citizens to the pockets of the chosen ones. The chosen ones who make the majority of the campaign contributions to the politicians.

THAT'S what it's all about.

Anonymous said...

There will never be significant retail and food sales at the terminal, old, new or whatever.

While the powers that be are in love with the notion of having an "international airport," what it is and always will be is the modern equivalent of the old bus terminal every town used to have. A place to catch a ride or disembark from one. The regional economy and population are not staged for massive growth in the near or distant future. There are no mobs of tourists, and never will be. KC is not really on the way to many places, either, thanks to the hub system now used by all airlines, so there will never be lots of layover people with time to kill between flights. It's the local airport for a metropolitan region of only 2.5 million people and the surrounding thinly populated states, most of whose inhabitants are becoming too poor to take many airplane rides.

Make Terminal C the airport. The other terminals surely can be put to some other good use. If not, bulldoze 'em. No way around the fact that they are uglier than sin. The city got 40 years of use out of them, so they presumably have paid for themselves.

Anonymous said...

They already have a bronze plaque with their names on ot ready to go.