Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kansas City Northeast Faith Life Diversity

TKC SUNDAY MUST READ: God Is in the Neighborhood – Donna Simon testimony from

"Holy Rosary Catholic Church is still a beacon of hope for recent immigrants in Columbus Park. Today, however, those immigrants are more often from Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries. The church reached out to those neighbors, visiting them and eating what was offered. Now there are two main festivals held each year at Holy Rosary: St. Joseph’s Table—which moved from parish homes to the parish hall in 1950—and The Feast of Our Lady of La Vang—a Vietnamese Catholic festival which is a much newer addition. God continues to move in that place, as God is moving in each of our contexts. Figuring out how to join with God is the most important task before us in this new day."

Politics is one thing but in reality Kansas City's immigrant and undocumented community has been saved in a great many ways by people of faith.


Anonymous said...

They are being conned. Just like you Tony. Just like the rich Leawood residents who ponied up over $60,000,000 to build a church expansion that seats 3500. Help given freely is true help. Religious help has a cost that is never satisfied.

Tax the churches.

Anonymous said...

Vietnamese people make good Catholics. Oddly better than their colonizers, the French who make kind of lousy Catholics but have nice churches.