Friday, April 25, 2014

Kansas City Kid Shot In Spine Asks Tragic Question To KCPD Officers

Fox4 and a question that a local kid shouldn't have to ask: ‘Is this what it feels like to die?’ boy asked KC officers after shooting


Anonymous said...

That poor boy. Im so glad he is going to make it, but losing his father traumatically like that....all because of another piece of shit KCMO thug on the streets.

I hope they give the shooter the death penalty and get it over with in less than two years. Who wants to pay to house that POS?

Anonymous said...

You gotta love the shithead who was shooting at people on the highway has 1 mill cash and he didn't even kill anyone. This shithead gets 500k or 10% what a joke, way to go Jean you are so tough on crime

Anonymous said...

"Hold on son... streetcar's a comin' that's gonna fix all of this."