Monday, April 28, 2014

Kansas City Equality Blogging

A reminder about the fight to fix female disparity . . .

Uncommon Courage: The Future of Women and Power, Fame, and Money

Mission statement and inspiration from our favorite blogger:

"When women believe in themselves, work hard, and are not dependent on others to employ them, it is possible to be paid fairly. We have to discard the notion that we must depend on bosses for our compensation, or, in the alternative, we must stand up to the bosses who refuse to compensate us fairly. We cannot hope for others to fight for us or pray that bosses treat us equally. We must demand to be treated fairly for the hard work we do."

The secret here is that I think this applies to men as well . . . Still, words of wisdom and real talk from the BEST Kansas City blog on the topic of the law and equality.

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chuck said...

What a load of shit. Bratcher blows the usual liberal cant out of her ass. Jesus, the lies and bullshit that the left will tell ya in order to aquire power in an ever more Facist Amerka.

"For starters, the government statistics bellowed by women's groups are not at all credible because they do not take occupational choice into account. After nearly fifteen years of research, Dr. Warren Farrell uncovered numerous reasons for the pay gap. Generally, women value relationships more than their careers or money, enter and leave the work force at a much higher rate, work part-time at a much higher rate, and work in professions with much lower compensation. As he explains in his book, Why Men Earn More, nearly all of it boils down to differences in occupation, and men overwhelmingly dominate jobs that

•are in an unpleasant environment (sanitation vs. child care)
•require harder-to-attain skills (physics vs. philosophy)
•require longer work hours
•demand financial risk (entrepreneur vs. teaching)
•are inconvenient (i.e., relocation)
•are hazardous (construction vs. librarian)

Due to the simple laws of supply and demand, these occupations pay more and contribute immensely to the pay gap. But again, government statistics completely neglect occupation -- making a raw comparison of all working men and women instead (e.g., the female receptionist is lumped in with the $21,000/hr Lebron James and little-guy Michael Moore).

Wage gap statistics also do not account for time commitment. On average, women work far less than men because they choose to have much more balance in their lives. A study by the Center for Policy Alternatives and Lifetime Television found that nearly 85 percent of women took advantage of flexible work arrangements offered by their employers. And a decade after graduating college, 39 percent of women leave the work force or work part-time, versus 3 percent of men. Aside from the obvious benefits of working longer, workers who average 44 or more hours per week earn approximately 100 percent more than workers who average 40 hours. "

Anonymous said...

Steven Rhoades, author of the new book, Taking Sex Differences Seriously, cites study after study indicating that the main reason most women want ample family time is their biological drive to have children and be the primary family caregiver. Feminist activists argue that is social conditioning by "the male hegemony." But if that were true, then why do women take on most family caregiving in every society from Iceland to New Guinea, in every era from ancient times to today, and in all political contexts from communist to capitalist? Women's desire to prioritize family caregiving is mainly biological predisposition, not cultural brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

To further illustrate the lunacy surrounding the purported wage gap, let's flip the situation on its head. If right-wingers adopted the left wing's politics of victimhood, entitlement, divisiveness, and envy, if right-wing males were like left-wing females, if the media were an echo chamber of conservative bias, and if universities were ground zero for right-wing indoctrination, one could easily be led to believe there is a very real and systemic pattern of gender discrimination against males. Consider:

•women who have never had a child earn 113 percent of what men earn
•there are some 80 fields where women earn more than men
•about 80 percent of the jobs lost in the recession were lost by men
•males are exponentially more likely to become incarcerated or homeless
•males disproportionately sacrifice much of their prime years in service of the military
•the male-to-female ratio on college campuses is now about 40/60
•approximately 93 percent of workplace fatalities are men
•among unmarried college-educated men and women between 40 and 64, men earn nearly 15 percent less

Anonymous said...

Here, the comments are much better than the article.

Selwyn Duke said...

A Big Brother market autocracy won't. What it will do is train its sights on only politically-incorrect targets, such as men. Thus, in the name of eliminating discrimination, statists are creating second-class groups which are told that they alone may not enjoy compensation commensurate with the market's assessment of their worth, simply because it's fashionable to discriminate against them. You see, when jockeying for votes by playing group politics, some groups must be cast as villains. And guess what, men, you're one of them.

Now that's what I call invidious.

Not surprisingly, this social engineering is already having an effect. In this article, writer Carey Roberts explains:

Female physicists are getting $6,500 more [than men]. Co-eds who majored in petroleum engineering are being offered $4,400 more. And women computer programmers are being enticed with $7,200 extra pay. In fact for dozens of majors and occupations, women coming out of college are getting better offers than men . . . .

Why these disparities? Because in traditionally male-dominated professions, employers are willing to ante up more greenbacks to attract females in order to forestall a costly discrimination lawsuit.

Westport Trucky said...

Well I am all for equal for all but that means equal output on the job as well. Not any of this changing the job to fit certain sexes.

This past week we had a day where we needed some extra help for just that day. A call was made to a local temp service listing what we needed. Four women came with the group of workers. We have this work day every year and do the same thing every year. Since I have been with the company we have always been done with this project by one or two in the afternoon. This year we wasn't done till after 5. Four people couldn't carry their weight due to talking and wanting to stand around and watch others do the work. So does that mean they are subject to equal pay? No, they are not in my book but in this case they will get it due to salary being set before the job is done. I am tired of women wanting equal but not being able to or willing to do equal amount of work for the pay. I asked one lady to step it up a bit and was told, "This is mans work I can't do this shit." Great representation of women in the work force.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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