Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kansas City Easter Sunday Early Links 2014

Jordan Carver and her bunny hotness inspires this glimpse at Kansas City news links for this Easter Sunday morning. Take a peek:

- Cowtown Promenade: KC Easter Parade brings out a crowd dressed in their Sunday best

- Forgetting The Past In The Sunflower State . . . Mark McCormick: Kansas African American Museum not giving up; we’re moving on

- Show-Me Perks . . . Missouri lawmakers take trips to Israel, California, New Orleans -- on the lobbyists' dime

- Controlling Kansas Courts With Purse Strings: House bill 2338 is described by law makers as a compromise to get a court budget for the next 16 months and avoid furloughs, but the Kansas supreme court says this is a poor trade and are concerned about what will happen to the administration of justice in Kansas.

- KMBC basically covered this story in February but it's cool that Dead Tree Media wants to highlight more Kansas City tourism losing: So sick kids can get medical marijuana, families flee Kansas and Missouri

- Soccer Winning : Sporting Kansas City dominates Montreal, sits atop Eastern Conference

- Haith no more: Missouri coaching change questions include candidates, recruits

- Link To Help Locals Start Looking For Summer Jobs And New Careers

- Show-Me Educator Honors With A Few Kansas City Mentions: Missouri “Breaking Traditions” Winners

- Selections For The New Season: 2014 NFL Draft: Kansas City Chiefs Spotlight

And this is the OPEN THREAD for Easter Sunday morning . . .


Anonymous said...

People that try to claim that their sick kid needs marijuana are idiots. JUST. ADMIT. YOU. WANT. TO. SMOKE.

It doesnt cure cancer, it doesnt fight disease. It makes you a bit hungry and is a poor painkiller. Stop pretending that weed is medicine.

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck wants or cares about a stupid african-American museum? A nigger museum is just stupid, unless there weren't anymore...hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Stop pretending that alcohol is harmless as water.