Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Kansas City Conservative Jack Cashill Takes On Mozilla Gay Marriage Hot Mess

In the tech world, the ousting of the Mozilla honcho has caused more than a bit of a ruckus.

Recently, Jack Cashill entered into to the fray with a deeply religious column that proves to be the only major Kansas City contribution to the discourse:

Cashill: What Mozilla Has Taught Us

There's really not a money quote here and the Civil Rights comparison is overwrought . . . Still, credit to Mr. Cashill for at least addressing the tech/culture war debate while so many newspaper pundits are still busy trying to convince readers to get their news via Dead Tree Media.

Other better links:

Slate: Brendan Eich and the New Moral Majority

The Blaze . . .Exposed: Accusations of Hypocrisy in Company’s Crusade to Oust Mozilla CEO Over Political Donation

National Review: Mozilla’s Statement on the Brendan Eich Controversy, Explained

Meanwhile, nobody seems to notice that the app is replacing the browser on mobile . . .


Anonymous said...

Jack Cashill is an opportunistic wingbag.

I wonder if there were any gay passengers on Malaysian Air 370? Or on TWA 800? Or at Jonestown in Guyana? Or in his neighborhood Catholic Church?

Where there's any chance of a conspiracy, Jack Cash-in is there!

Anonymous said...

I believe gays should be allowed to marry, but I also believe people who disagree with me should have the right to their opinions. Mozilla was chickenshit for not backing their CEO's freedom of speech.

Stalwart O'Chickenfucker said...

I know its just a blog, but when Cashill writes a post that's known as a CUNTribution, cuz Cashills a lil cunt.

Also, this decidedly saner take on the whole issue was produced by a Topeka native, and I consider Topeka people locals unless they are Sam Brownshirt and the Brownshirts or the Fred Phelps clan.


Anonymous said...

Jack Cashill has yet to release his debate on Nazi History with David Irving. The Country Club Plaza Hampton on March, 25th 2014 where Cashill and his cohorts enjoyed a lovely evening with David Irving who is waiting deportation from the US to the UK the following week for selling bootlegs of Adolph Hitler's hair for $300,000.00 to the BBC.

MDLQ said...

You know who knows where the jet is?........
That's right, all the god's do.
Yep, and their not telling.
Not even a spiritual clue.
Nope, no beam of light shining down on the part of the ocean directing us to the plane.
Guess it's up to us mortals to figger it out.
We'll find it with no help from any of the gods.......

T I N G !
h s o o
e d

Anonymous said...

Not only is there no god, try finding a great pastrami sandwich in this town.

Anonymous said...

I think flight 370 is at that airport down by Branson where Southwest mis-landed! I dropped Mozilla as my browser because of their hypocrisy. They all gave $$$ to Obama in 2007 when he said marriage was between a man and a woman.


Oppressed people do not want freedom from oppression, they want to freedom to be oppressors.”
-- Eric Hoffer

Anonymous said...

Free Palastine

Anonymous said...

David McCullough is the thinking mans David Irving.