Monday, April 07, 2014

Kansas City Blogging Discrimination Evolution

From my favorite Kansas City blogger . . . An important perspective on the evolution of bigotry in American popular culture.

Uncommon Courage: Discrimination Gone Subtle

Money line:

"Before we believe that racism is dead because we have a President of mixed race, before we declare that we are "color-blind," in reality a code-word for insensitivity, before we declare that women fail to break the glass ceiling only because they interrupt their careers with child-rearing, let's have a dose of reality. Racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, and religious discrimination are alive and well. We are just much for indirect about it."

Couldn't agree more and realize that the only place people seem comfortable with their hateration is in the comment section of blogs . . . At least this one.


chuck said...

When the leader of the free world declares, prior to arrest, prior to vor dire, prior to a complete assessment of the evidence, that, in a local murder case in Florida, where it is impossible to know the facts, that if he "Had a son, he would look like Trayvon", you can bet your fuckin ass there are racial problems and this is in NO WAY a post racial president.

The appointment of Eric Holder, the gleefully racist Attorney General, who has let thousands of black on white "Knockout Games" slide, yet jumps to prosecute the one and only white on black "Knockout Game" would point to an uneven, racist application of Federal Law you dumbfucks, which just might polarize the situarion.

Then, if you are still not paying attention, you might listen to Holder's testimony in front of Congress where he made it clear in no uncertain terms, that he would enforce hate crime laws agains ONLY "HIS PEOPLE" and made it clear that NO federa laws would be broken during the commission of black on white crimes.

This wink and a nod to black criminals, this de facto permission given at the highest level for the galatically disproportionate amount of black crime to not only continue, but increase by way of different standards because of race, not only continues to deny moral agency to certain select groups based on skin color, it polarizes
the masses said...

Here is a list of hundreds of black on white hate crimes that, if the situation were reversed and they were white on black, Eric Holder would bring the Feds in for his pound of flesh.

Click on the links and imagine the national press going crazy if this were reversed. As it is, the local news reports it, and, then after a few days it is forgottten.

chuck said...

Zimmerman was only "Half White", a sorry condition apparantly that the press just poinded into our consciousness every day 24/7. His Half Whiteness went on trial in a Star Chamber Show Trial in spite of the unambiguated evidence pointing to self defense that included, eye witness', bloody wounds, broken bones, time lines etc etc etc.

Make no mistake about it white boys, Amerika hates your fuckin guts and if the 4th estate, the Attorney General, Law Enforcement, the MSM in conjunction with the entertainment industry get a chance, they will fucking kill you or put you in prison for any affront to a black person.

No, we are in no way served by this black president and his racist corrupt Attorney General, unless, of course, you are one of Holder's "People".

cml said...

Obama and Holder have set race relations back 50 years

Anonymous said...

It would be nice not to have racist, sexist, and homophobic comments on the Internet, but it comes with the territory. I like Chuck's analyses, and I really don't consider those racist because he at least shows us the facts he's relying on. As for women being paid 77% (or whatever the rate du jour is) of men's wages, that just doesn't make sense. If I were able to get work done by a woman for 77% of what I'd have to pay a man, guess which one I'd hire. Pretty soon every woman would have a job, and all the men would be out of work. Sometimes these statistics need to come with a disclaimer to the effect that any relationship between the statistics and the conclusions the media are drawing from them is purely coincidental.

Westport Trucky said...

7:17 and chuck have said it all.

Anonymous said...

7:17 Shhhh. No matter how many times you show them and say it they can't figure it out. We tried . said...

As of last year, Holder was STILL trying to find a way to charge Zimmerman with Civil Rights violations.

Eric Holder's absolute hatred for whites is not really in question, the pride he takes in that hatred on a public stage in the highest Law Enforcement office in the land is and should be in question.

Anonymous said...

In Obama's America, racism is growing. But not with the people you think it is. The media wants you to believe that it's still the white, Christian, middle class male.

They're mad because the country is changing and they don't want it that way.

Anyone with half a brain knows that's not true. No, racism is growing but by black and brown people who for all their lives grew up in a entitlement society.

We have now too many blacks who since Obama became president have felt the need to be more ignorant, greedy, self riotous then never before.

We have too many brown people fresh off the boat who unlike their white counterparts in the 1880's to 1920's don't feel the need to assimilate and take their old world problems with them.

Don't buy the hype, the white, middle class, Christian male is the least bigoted person in America.

But in Obama's America you can't criticize protected classes no matter how much they act like savages. said...


happened Sat in New York. Eric Holder will let this Hate Crime attack against a 70 Year old retired person pass because the perp is black.

The unequal application of the law to only whites is codified by law and the 4th Estate who refuse to address the ongoing war on whites by blacks.

Anonymous said...

Blacks don't feel pain but they know we do.

Anonymous said...

Blacks DO FEEL PAIN, left hook and they are out !