Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Kansas City And The Early Tuesday Link Pool

Emily Ratajkowski and one of her hottie friends posing for Fox Swimwear start our somewhat cold Tuesday morning Kansas City mainstream media link pool. Take a look:

- Kansas City Cash Rush Hour: Why the rush to expand the KC streetcar line?

- The South Kansas City Slate: Ten candidates hope to lead Hickman Mills in era of transition

- Kansas City Family Clings To Hope: Family persistently searching for missing man with info from private investigator

- Kansas Education Fighting: Rhoades resigns House committee chairmanship over school bill

- Show-Me Foodie Cheating: Missouri woman to pay back $12,000+ in food stamp fraud

- Problematic Protien: Bug app├ętit: Recipes offered in Lawrence insect cooking class

- Springtime For The Golden Ghetto: Warmer weather initiates beautification season in Overland Park

- 10 Years OF Kansas City Summer Hiring Fest Continues Today

- Kansas City Hipster Brew: Torn Label Brewing Co. In The Crossroads

- Local Doggie Dumping Lesson: Local students bring awareness to affect dog waste has on environment

Once again, this is the OPEN THREAD for all things off-topic and aotherwise . . .


Anonymous said...

The kiddie corps isn't rushing to expand the streetcar line. They're rushing to expand the money collected because the initial TDD doesn't come close to funding the Main Street line and they've scoured about every other city account they can.
And with Brookside/Waldo out of the mix, coming events are not going to be pretty.

Anonymous said...

I say your dog shitting or pissing anywhere but your own yard should be against the law.

Like a fucking 5000 dollar fine law. Tired of all you assholes who think the bush in my yard was planted there so your dog can piss on it.