Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Jordan Carver Kansas City Tuesday

Jordan Carver inspires this collection of Kansas City morning links . . .

- Mother Of A Local Anti-Violence March: Grieving moms take message against violence to KC streets

- Dust Bowl Days: Report: Kansas wheat condition continues decline

- Lesson In Accountability Or Lack Thereof: Parents upset with plea deal for driver in school bus crash

- Show-Me Artsy Collection Of Another Kind: Missouri Revenue Department's directive to pay sales taxes stuns arts groups

- Kansas City Weekly Report Clip

- Kansas City Rep. Silvey Talks Obamacare: Senator touts a Missouri solution to Medicaid reform

- Hickman Mills Round-Up: Negative campaign mailers target KCPS candidate

- Fishy Local Box Store Display: Mother concerned after spotting tanks full of dead fish at Walmart

- Kansas City Spelling Bee Reporting

- Cowtown French Connection: Paris art exhibit shines spotlight on KC

- Digging Through The Kansas City Stax: 'Lost' history of Panama Canal is now found in exhibit at KC's Linda Hall Library

- Kansas City Forecast: Sunshine, but cooler afternoon

And this is the first OPEN THREAD for today . . .


Anonymous said...

Oh fuck me people in their homes kill more fish than any store ever has. Lady get a life that's a kid that will probably be gay as hell when he grows up.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Carver is outstanding...damn. I bet Glazer dated her. lol

Anonymous said...

In 40 years those boy toys will be sagging past her waist...

Anonymous said...

I don't care if Jordan Carver has plastic tits or won't show her nipples; she has a face and smile that would give a corpse a hardon.

Anonymous said...

David McCullough is the thinking man's David Irving.