Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Jess Davies And The Kansas City Early Links

Jess Davies and her INSPIRING NSFW BRIT HOTNESS starts this early morning look at Kansas City mainstream media links the day after this town proved, once again, that it doesn't care about Democracy.

Check it:

- The Downtown Contest That Consumes Local D-Bag Amateur Urban Planners: Parking Madness Final Four: Kansas City vs. Rochester

- Dead Tree Media Pronouncement: Support Westport school plan

- Just Another Golden Ghetto Rip-Off: Car burglaries rise in Leawood

- Improvement In Taking Tiger Testimony: MU looks to revise reporting sexual assaults

- Baby Daddy Rights: Kansas City father fights to get daughter back

- Show-Me Weed Solution: Mo. lawmakers advance cannabis oil bill for epilepsy patients

- Lesson In Safety Or Lack Thereof: Students question security at Donnelly College

- Early Season Losing: Loney’s single in 9th lifts Rays over Royals 1-0

- Get Well Soon To This Golden Ghetto Politico: Olathe mayor selects KU Hospital for rare heart surgery

- Practice With The Po-Po: Kansas City's Police Athletic League helps youths with sports and more

- More Acceptable Knock-Out Game: Local fighter takes center stage in April UFC competition

- Straightening Out These Scholars: Gordon Parks students get free dental care

And this is the OPEN THREAD for all things concerning these links or OFF-TOPIC this morning . . .


Anonymous said...

You know you live in a 2nd rate city when people complain about parking.

You know you live in a 3rd rate podunk city when parking anywhere is easy and people still complain about it.

Kansas City father fights to get daughter back said...

You just know he wasn't from the Third or Fifth district.

Anonymous said...

I'm just fighting to get TKC to post more of these leg shots this springtime!