Saturday, April 19, 2014

JCC Deadly Shooting Mourning Aftermath

What is likely the last compilation of news in the aftermath of JCC deadly shooting tragedy . . . Here are the best reports following the recent Kansas City memorial . . .

Forward: 3,000 Mourn Grandfather and Teen Killed in Overland Park Rampage

Times Of Israel: KC teens to mark Shabbat with walk in honor of victims

KSHB: Memorial walk for victims helps community heal

Newspaper: Community says good-bye to two victims of Sunday shootings

NBC Action News: Outpouring of love, support in Jewish Campus Shootings memorial walk



Anonymous said...

old news....

Anonymous said...

What a fucking media circus! The local news yokels were orgasmic over these victims. What if this family had wanted some privacy, would the local news jackals have given them that peace? Yeah, let's all get a yellow ribbon and light a candle and take a walk.

Are you kidding me? said...

First of all, my condolences to the family and actual friends of the victims.

But what an incredible social and media circus this has been. KCMO averages 2 homicides a week, and most of those barely get a 3 inch article in the Star or a 15 second sound byte on the local nightly news. This incident gets front page every day for a week, monster TV coverage, and even live telecasts of a funeral by ALL THREE local stations.

What the heck? Obviously, all of those other (non-Johnson County) murder victims are merely chopped liver. They ain't shit. What a slap in the face and kick in the nuts.

Oh yeah, and how about Eric Holder coming to town. I'm just pleased as punch that my tax dollars could be used to fly him and his entourage here, provide security for all of them, and then fly their sorry asses back home for a political sound byte at the expense of grieving families. What a TOOL!!!

Anonymous said...

this story has run it's course......the politically correct, racist calling assholes don't have the will to carry a losing fight. They just slither back into their shit caverns and hide out.

Go ahead and imprison the old Nazi fuck till he dies. Bet he already knows he has a year or so to live. Feds tell him they need cover because the freeway sniper is black. Feds have known for over a week.

Old half dead Nazi comes in and kills a few and Holder rolls into town for a love, unity fest, flies out and the vapor trails havent settled and KCPD announces they have caught the freeway sniper.

Yeah right and I'm the tooth fairy. Something here stinks.

Just some food for thought. Stranger things happen daily in the good ol US of A.

Anonymous said...

It was interesting timing. They definately waited until Holder had left KC. The charging report even details days of them watching him drive around and threaten cars. Good thing he didn't shoot another person then it would have been pretty sad to see someone die over a PC AG.