Tuesday, April 15, 2014

JCC Deadly Shooting Charges Today

KSHB: "Frazier Glenn Cross, also known as Glenn Miller, has been charged with one count of capital murder for the deaths of a 14-year-old boy and his grandfather outside the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City, Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe said at a news conference Tuesday morning.

Cross also faces one count of first-degree, premeditated murder for the death of a woman
who was gunned down while visiting her mother at a nearby retirement complex."

Fox4: Accused Jewish centers gunman held on $10 mil. bond, charged with capital and 1st degree murder


Anonymous said...

They guys is a piece of shit and many will be concerned about his rights....he should be hung by his very little balls!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank tony and his
crew for the excellent coverage
of the jewish community center's
I know many members of the jewish
religion had no where to turn to
for news but many found tkc.
Thanks again for covering it when
there was no news or when we could notfind out what was happening.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say this guy will die of old age before the needle reaches his arm. 'Just another drain on state resources.

Anonymous said...

In remembrance of the Boston Marathon bombing, and in sympathy to the residents of Overland Park, KS:



Anonymous said...

It is time to start the Bobby Greenlease clock. Bobby Greenlease was kidnapped and killed by his kidnappers. It took less than 100 days for his killers to be executed. Every day, past 100, that this puke is denied his dirt nap is on the hands of liberals.

Fark Munkhouser said...

I hope he gets double vision and asthma.

Anonymous said...


you dip shit, how much did Hearne pay you to post that comment ?