Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Fear The Kansas City Muni-Court E-mail Scam

TKC Note: Here's an important notice about one of many local court scams and HOW TO AVOID IT . . . Check it:

Scam emails regarding phony Municipal Court cases

City of Kansas City, Mo., court officials are warning the public about an email scam that falsely claims the recipient is scheduled to appear in Municipal Court.

Callers have reported receiving email messages directing them to appear in court on a specific date and time and bearing the name of a fictitious court official. Most of those receiving the false notices have lived out-of-state and do not have any cases with the Municipal Court. Other courts across the country have reported similar incidents involving false emails.

The emails also instruct recipients to read a court notice that is attached. The attachment contains a computer virus. Do no open the attachment. Delete the email.

Please know that these email messages are not coming from the Kansas City, Mo., Municipal Court. The Municipal Court also does not send unsolicited emails containing court papers. If you are not involved in a court proceeding and have not supplied the Municipal Court, the Kansas City Police Department or the Kansas City Prosecutor’s Office with an email address about a Municipal Court case, the court does not communicate with you by email. All Municipal Court notices regarding court dates, warrants or other aspects are mailed to interested parties through the United States Postal Service.

If you have a question about a notice you have received from the Municipal Court, please call 816-513-2700.


Anonymous said...

Scams and malware are worse than unsolicited bulk email.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice has been offline since Saturday? You can't use it to check and see if you forgot about a ticket or summons you might have been issued.

Anonymous said...

So, if you get a phony notice, call up the pretend court with the phony judges and ask them if they can identify the difference between a crook and their judges.