Thursday, April 10, 2014


Here's a quick run-down of more deets and reporting regarding THE KANSAS CITY HIGHWAY SNIPER . . . Check it:

- Another Reason To Shoot Down Local GOP Hype: Could the thirteen vehicle shootings hurt Kansas City's RNC chances?

- This Town Can't Contemplate Random Violence: Many hunt for answers about motive in highway shootings

- Kansas City Sniper Checkpoints: Police investigating highway shootings check some vehicles

- Scary Local Streets: Kansas City drivers on edge over highway shootings

- Gunfire Keeps Adding Up: Police find more possible victims in KC roadway shootings

- Not Even Local Babies Are Safe: Bullet narrowly misses toddler's car seat

- ABC News and other national outlets have picked up this tory: Kansas City Authorities Seek Perpetrator After Some Shootings Linked

Developing . . .


Not the NRA said...

This person is a shooter, not a sniper. Big difference. It was a sniper people would be dead.

Anonymous said...

Libtards say "just make 435 a gun free zone". Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

@8:33, That is no joke.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me....but, has anyone thought to analyze the recorded activity of the highway surveillance system known as SCOUT?

You no doubt have the shooter's vehicle on the surveillance, it's just a matter of pinpointing the vehicle and getting a clear image of the license plate.

I'd be willing to accept a share of that reward money....thanks.

Anonymous said...

The Nazi jerks at KMBC are as bad at restricting comments as the their pals at The Star. Why use a news source that is so narrow minded and authoritarian? KMBC's "news" gathering is in the toilet anyway.

Anonymous said...

Scout does not record video

Anonymous said...

I've got bet's out that the mother fuckers black and under 21.
Ya,two people actually took that bet. They say he's a white dude,aka,"gun nut ".
I'd call em names but they're family ..flaming liberal family.

Anonymous said...

but TLC you missed the rest of the headline ......"Weekly DUI checks averaging over 500 cars and 15 arrests likely to force criminals to turn themselves in."

Anonymous said...

11:37 You are kidding yourself.