Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Dead Tree Media Wants Aim4Peace And Kansas City Friends To Cooperate!!!

Dead Tree Media suggests a group vigil might make things better: To curb murders in Kansas City, anti-violence groups must cooperate

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Anonymous said...

Public safety or even curbing murders are not priiorities of city government in KCMO and the tens of millions spent every year on anti-crime nonprofits is much more focused on WHO gets the money than on what they actually accomnplish. That's why there're the same groups and individuals year after year, even as the homicides stay between 100 and 110.
No one gets demoted or fired or replaced or defunded.
There is no accountability or consequences and the carnage continues year after year.
So far in 2014 there have been fewer murders than the usual average of two per week, but that's mostly because February was brutally cold with lots of snow.
But, as the Star editorials and articles have pointed out, any reduction is purely by chance and certainly not as a result of the dysfunctional flailings of this cast of characters.
Same people; same "programs"; same lack of priorities; same lack of accountability; same results.