Sunday, April 20, 2014

Considering The Kansas City Highway Sniper Suspect And Guilt By Association

Thanks to A GREAT MANY KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTERS for keeping this blog community in the know.

However . . .


Let's call this covering all of our bases in Kansas City . . .

"As a minority, I can't help but wonder: Could this highway shooter have a worse name than Mohammad 'Pedro'?!?!? smh. Brutal. Ha!"

Can't help but agree . . .

Here are just a few of the more recent Kansas City Sniper links . . .

Fox4KC: Past neighborhood shooting disturbance linked to highway shootings investigation Mohammed Whitaker of Grandview has been charged with 18 felony counts and is being held on $1 million bail.

Dispatch: Kansas City highway shooting suspect could face life in prison

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

does anyone who has been following the national news on this story know if the national feeds have been noting the suspect's name?

Usually when someone named Muhammad goes on a shooting spree they supress the info in most stories.

Anonymous said...

Even Fox news will not use the Mohammed name.

Look at his face carefully..he might actually be Obama offspring. He has a Muslim name like Barrack Hussein Obama.

Just look at his face and see why Obama is not saying if he had a son he would look like Mohammed HiWayshottaker.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really think the nation as a whole gives a fuck about Kansas City?

Westport Trucky said...

My brother sent this

My brother lives back east and a local paper had this comment in it.

A bit off topic but not by much. Kansas City has had a guy shooting at random cars on the highway since late 2013. They finally arrested someone and 3 guesses his skin color. Here's a link to scroll down and see for yourself.

I already guessed based on a few clues. First was a lady who saw a guy in a hoodie in a green metallic car (and he shot at her). The second clue was the part of town most of the shootings took place in. But the most important clue was the black mayor saying that things like that are just going to happen in a big city. That's how I knew the mayor knew it was a black guy but of course not a word was breathed in the media. There are idiots actually commenting they were sure it was going to be a white guy. What on earth is wrong with white people hoping white people commit some crime?

Anonymous said...

7:45AM By Jove I think you've got it.

Anonymous said...

We have taught blacks that they are never responsible for their actions.

Violence is like a mist in the air. Engineered by racist whites, It blows in and settles right on top of the black community and causes them to kill, rape, and assault each other. Poverty is like a magical mist too. It sweeps into communities, destroys the homes, crumbles the sidewalks, and breaks out windows.

The guns are making these poor black males pick them up and shoot. The nice, fancy shopping malls makes the black female steal and resell the goods, because she can not resist the lure of shiny things.

Through black mythology and magical thinking, blacks are able to blame guns, white racism, and "poverty" for the killings. They are never responsible for anything, shit "just be happenin'" to them.

The Rev. Charles Harrison blames the actions of murderous blacks on "easily obtained illegal firearms." The solution is to take the guns away from whites so that blacks are not tempted to steal them.

He blames inequality for the black women spreading their legs and getting themselves pregnant for the fourth time. He blames planned parenthood for the fact that black women kill half of their babies via abortion.

He blames the "crumbing inner schools" for the fact that Jai'Quarvius can't read because he is malnourished and has a neglectful, stupid mother who never reads to him. Blacks are never held responsible for their actions. This is magical thinking.

We simply need to start telling blacks to shut the hell up.

Westport Trucky said...

I still have a suspicion that all of the cars this negro shot at were being driven by white folks.

Anonymous said...


Me too.

Anonymous said...

The charging document is here -

If you read this document, you will notice that the victims of this negro were telling the cops that it was a negro who shot at their cars all the way back at the end of last month. But not a word about a description of the still at large suspect was ever revealed by the cops or the media before he was arrested.

I just read the whole document at the link above. Here are few of my observations on this case:

1. This suspect - Mohammed Pedro Whitaker - is a black male who was clearly identified as such by several of his victims. This little detail was never reported by the local media in Kansas City at any time during their ongoing coverage of the highway serial shooter story.

2. Mohammed Pedro Whitaker was very likely targeting just white motorists to take shots at. Just about all of the victims were driving their vehicles to or from work in the afternoon or early evening times when their moving vehicles were shot at. At no time were any shots fired at black folks riding on public transportation in the area. The same goes for all the black folks in the area who hang out in public places at various times of the day or night. (Like all the black folks in Detroit who were at that gas station before they beat Steve Utash into a coma.)

3. Mohammed Pedro Whitaker's firearm of choice was a .380 semiautomatic pistol. Many blacks seem to prefer this type of pistol nowadays for some reason. The truth is that the .380 pistol round is quite lacking in power, at least it is compared to most other pistol rounds in common use today. This probably turned out to be a big advantage for just about all of the victims in this case, however, because the mass of their vehicles were apparently able to stop much of velocity of the .380 bullets that were fired into them most of the time. Just about every one of these fired .380 bullets were then recovered by the cops for forensic ballistic analysis.

4. Thanks to the observations of the victims and other resources, the cops in this case were at one point able to start secretly following Mohammed Pedro Whitaker around for some time before they arrested him. The cops were secretly watching Mohammed Pedro Whitaker as he met up with a white guy in the parking lot of Bass Pro to buy another .380 pistol, in a deal that they had set up through the Armslist website. The white guy then decided to not sell his .380 pistol to Mohammed Pedro Whitaker, because he failed to show him any type of valid ID. The cops found this out after stopping and talking to the white guy. (Gee, maybe if this same white guy had been given a clue from the local media in Kansas City that a black male suspect was being sought as the Kansas City highway shooter, he could have then decided that for the time being, he would be not meeting up with any black males from Armslist to sell his .380 pistol.)

5. When the cops were finally able to search Mohammed Pedro Whitaker's green Dodge Neon, they noticed that there was a bullet hole in the front passenger door that had likely been fired from the driver seat. (Mohammed Pedro Whitaker either fired this shot accidentally, or he failed to make a clean shot out of the front passenger door window as he was trying to shoot at a white motorist.)

6. When Mohammed Pedro Whitaker was first questioned by the cops after his arrest, he immediately tried to cast blame on Glenn Miller, the white guy who had recently just been arrested for the three fatal shootings outside the two Jewish places in the same metropolitan area of Kansas City, MO. Then he changed his story to claim that he was one of the Kansas City highway shooter's victims.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you to all the poor white victims on this shit blog. Where the hell was all this white outrage last week when your fellow white guy was shooting up the damn place? Silence then excuses and attacking the media. Whites like sarah palin and glen beckie started this race war. We intend to finish it. We are armed and we do not fear you neonazi tea party reactionaires. This is our country now and you will not "take your country back".

Anonymous said...

8:20 - Go chow-down on a sack of dicks.

Anonymous said...

8:20 Dumb as the day is long. And I can't stand Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin but I'm not ignorant enough to believe in your stupid shit either.

Westport Mom said...

It's amazing how the cock roaches were out in droves last week making insane comments like "the blood of the victims is on the polar bears hands". A mystical polar bear. This is the type of people that are now trying to defend the actions of Mohammed "Pedro" Whitaker.

I read this blog on a regular basis and it is amazing the number of comments that I read a day or two, or a week later that are almost verbatium to what the bear has said days before.

I don't know who the bear is, but my guess the quy is quite brilliant. While his comments are considered racist and bigoted, as stated by Tony Botello, if you read thru the grabber comment he usually leads with, there is a valid point being made. Perhaps it's a point many do-gooders don't want to admit is factual and accurate.

There are two comment'rs that I read on this blog. The bear and Chuck. Chuck sometimes works the dictionary but ends up with valid points backed by documentation. The bear will throw out a wild first sentence to grab you by the neck and then will lead into a point that is usually dead on point. Those two certainly make reading this blog fun.

I can do without the Jimmy Johns and Quick Trip stories as that is just dribble pee that usually ends up staining my panties.

Anonymous said...

Jackson County: 6 months

Anonymous said...


Very nice job. You nailed it.

Anonymous said...

8:20 a nigger. It's ALWAYS a nigger or nigger lover.

Anonymous said...

8:20 AM...Man are you right...whitey done gave you his country and has the audacity to opine that he may want it back.

The blacks are winnin the race war by imprenating tons of white girls. They plan to win by turning all the kids brown raised again by single mothers.

I say F*** whitey he let it happen and won't do a damn thing about it or to chang it.

We are almost there. We are rapidly approaching the point where we look like South Africa on socialism steroids.

Oh, Liberal Whitey do you not know the black man hates you more than ny white could ever hate him and he lives to see you dead or impregnated with his spor.

Long live the Planet of the Apes.

Fast And Furious, Holder IGNORES This KC Metro Criminal said...

When is Holder flying out to KC now that this guy has been caught?


Anonymous said...

8:20 only one problem with your spineless opine. Niggers have little or no skill with firearms. Unless military trained and we know most of those with military training are not worthless niggers like you hood banging losers around KC. So no, Whitey does not fear you. There are lot's of Polar Bears out there, that are well armed, well trained, and just waiting for stupid ass niggers like 8:20 to make the mistake of pulling a fuckign 380 like that stupids ass halfrican, Pedro Mohammed or what ever his fucking names is.

Granted part of what you say is true. Stupid ass liberal cunt are trying so hard to be politically correct that they blind themselves to the worthless ass niggers that are ruining this country. Look at all the major cities. You can't hide from the fact that everywhere there are large numbers of porch monkeys, there are lawless areas with high crime, low employment, and virtual wastelands. That's the cold hard truth. Call it racist if you choose, many call it reality.

Anonymous said...

Suspect works at a PHARMACY, not a medical supply co