Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Celebrate Kansas City Pothole Winning!!!

Infrastructure neglect by using water bond cash for the toy train streetcar and other folly is something this town does BEST . . .

Fox4: Kansas City among the worst cities with pothole problems

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Russ, Dave, And Matt's toy choo choo will fix them!

Anonymous said...

The city was just about to get to those, but they ran out of money.
So vote yourself a CID, tax yourselves AGAIN, and fix them yourselves.
And do something about the murders too!

Anonymous said...

What you expect for a "city" with an 8% voter turnout.


seanot said...

All rust belt cities suffer from similar infrastructure woes. It's what happens when local rulers board the eco-train of dreams and neglect basic services. The last question asked in Detroit's City Council chambers just before the current sucked them all under was, "if we file for bankruptcy, can we at least keep building the monorail?"

Anonymous said...


# 13) If we don't promptly repair street defects (potholes, surface cracks, etc.) and allow routine maintenance to be deferred, residents will be more likely to support the streetcar plan as an alternative to driving.

P Bear said...

Pothole or Shithole ?

I will go with shithole.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City roads suck. Public works director and city engineer spending street maintenance funds for street car.

Anonymous said...

Do the streets "pay for themselves" or does upkeep in them "unduely burden" us?

Are they paid for with regressive sales taxes?

When I drive in KC I never see the streets full, why do we need to build more?

I didn't get to vote on repairing streets.

Why should I have to pay for northland streets that go nowhere and no one uses?

Street maintenance is stealing money from the general fund that could be used for more worhtwhile investments like police and sewers.

Sometime kids are killed by streets while they are playing.

Street traffic is noisey.

Riff raff can travel right to my front doorstep on streets.

If streets are so worhtwhile, private industry would build and maintain them.

Streets were invented a long time ago, they are no longer relevant. It's like 16th century technology.

Wouldn't gravel path be cheaper? We could buy everyone in the city a horse for the price of street maintenance and build lots of horse trails.

I have seen hipster and young people on streets. If we pay for them, they'll just move to Johnson county when they have kids and saddle is with the price of maintaining these streets.

How come there's way more streets in white parts of town? Black people suffer to pay for rich peoples streets. Often white neighborhoods have way fewer houses per street so it's like reverse Robin Hood.

They are stealing water bond money to pay for the streets when they tear them up to replace the sewers they always build a new street where they tore they old one up. Ergo, water bond $$$ goes for street repair that no one voted for.

Bicyclist get killed on streets. Suddenly I care a lot about bicyclists. Look it up, it happens all the time in Portland.

Fewer people will use the roads than they say. Show me says so.

In Memphis only a couple hundred car drive on a street that is there. There's no way it can work in KC.

Anonymous said...

5:24's comments simply show the immaturity and silliness of the kiddie corps that has driven Sly and the airheads at city hall to drag the entire city into their hundreds of millions fiasco.
In just a feew years, after the Main Street line is going bust, is poorly maintained like everything else in KCMO, and the new councilmembers are desperately draining money from every general fund line item they can get their hands on, all these big-time fixed rail supporters will be long gone and hoping that no one even remembers their names.
An adventure at public expense and all with no adult supervision.
What could possibly go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Take the trolley and leave the car at home!

Anonymous said...

Potholes? Are you sure the photo isn't the new underground trolly route extension that obviously will replace the need to take a shit in sewerless Kansas City?

Anonymous said...

This pothole thing is year after year. Taxes go up, developers get tax breaks and KC fall further into the crapper.