Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Celebrate Kansas City E-Tax Day!!!

It's E-Tax day in Kansas City and that means just a bit of extra complaining given that an obscene portion of that money is going to toward the 1.97 mi. toy train streetcar.

Here's the City's guide to e-tax filing for those who haven't already:

Kansas City E-Taxes Due Today: File Online (Quick Tax)

Meanwhile, the only bit of tax day nostalgia that TKC will offer is a fond memory of the old school tax lines in front of the old post office on Pershing Rd. where rows and rows of panicked Kansas City procrastinators would wait to drop off their taxes before midnight . . . That's now a distant memory considering that 85% of everybody now files online.

More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

The leeches got me for $400 this year. Oh, but my garbage is "free" for $400.

Anonymous said...


cml said...

What a.fuck job that e tax is.


Anonymous said...

Sly and the gang had just better hope that the etax renewal now required by law doesn't come at about the same time when the public becomes aware of the REAL cost of the streetcar and that the general fund is now so thin that even more cuts to basic services are required.
Without the etax all those folks who work in KCMO, but choose to live elsewhere will get a nice raise.
And city hall will be sucking eggs.

Anonymous said...

you bunch of tax complainer losers. you live in tax abated properties and work for companies with tax breaks.

how exactly do you expect to flush the toilet when nobody pays taxes?

Anonymous said...

The problem is that all the tax abated properties and tax breaks that you're talking about are granted by the SAME KCMO council that then uses what money that does come in to city hall for pretty much everything BUT services like water, sewers, streets, cops, or anything else of importance to the residents who actually live there.
Then when the city can't provide even the most basic of services, they recommend that a community form its own CID, which means taxing themselves yet again.
When folks provide $15-20 million of tax dollars every year for the P&L District and that's touted as a big success, you really have to wonder how much is enough.
No money for enough police, but another round of taxes for a streetcar.