Monday, April 28, 2014

Candice And Back To The Kansas City Grind!!!

Candice Swanepoel and her booty inspire this early morning collection of some of the more interesting Kansas City mainstream media links. Take a look:

- Here's Your Chance To Become A Kansas City Sports Newsie Or Write For Free On The Internets!!!

- Dead Tree Media Contemplation: Munday on Monday: Used book sale

- KCMO Is "Storm Ready" If That Designation Means Round The Clock Panic Stricken Weather Newsies

- KCK Ruckus Aftermath: Police arrest four suspects in armed carjacking

- Old School Racism Consequences: F. Glenn Miller may be Kansas' oldest capital murder defendant

- Show-Me Drug War Push Back: Talk of legalization pervades Missouri Cannabis Conference

- Kansas City Rain Round-Up: High winds, storm causes tree to crash down on Kansas City home

- Royals Winning Ways: Infante’s six RBIs carry Royals past Orioles 9-3

- Curators Decision And Names For The Job: Ben Howland, Kim Anderson finalists for Missouri job

- Kansas City Saves The World: Orphaned children’s choir from Africa gives kids like them a voice

- Nice News About Nearby Schools That Don't Want KCMO Transfers: Center School District bounces back with a culture of achievement and caring

- Local Pastry Reporting: Cronut craze hits Kansas City


This is the OPEN THREAD for the morning and the place to talk these links and all kinds of stuff . . . More in a bit . . .