Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Bar Refaeli & The Kansas City Late Night Look

Bar Refaeli brings us to the end of another posting day and these links that we want to consider before the morning update . . .

- Kansas City Deep Down: Police have no luck finding a man who likely jumped from the Heart of American Bridge

- Kansas Deadly Runaround: One person dead following police chase

- Crackdown On One Of The Many Nasty Things Aboard Local Mass Transit: Proposal: ban e-cigarettes on KCATA buses

- Lesson In Pain: Students injured after fight breaks out on school bus

- Tragic Rock Chalk Report: A 19-year-old woman told police a man raped her inside a University of Kansas Residence Hall

- Tiger Technical Foul: Restraining order filed against MU bball player

- Dead Tree Media Doesn't Like Any Attacks They Don't Publish: Ferret out source of cowardly mailings in school board elections

- No Rush Out In The Stix: Questions raised over Claycomo response time

- Miracle Last Minute Shot In Meth Town!!!

- Save The Bacon: Deadly swine virus spreads to Missouri, Kansas

- Drowning On The Westside: Large water main ruptures along Southwest Boulevard

This is the OPEN THREAD for the overnight . . . Hopefully, for the morning update we'll have more BREAKING/EXCLUSIVE NEWS, discussion, debate, discourse, more than our fair share of hateration and all kinds of good stuff . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

Bar, we barely knew you!

Anonymous said...

That MU story has legs. The person who filed the restraining order was a MU guard on the team. The man and his girlfriend were also the alleged victims of assault by the guy who was arrested twice in one day. hmm

Anonymous said...

Joseph Jackson got his ass handed to him in the School Board Election.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we know, talked about it yesterday.

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