Tuesday, April 01, 2014

All Aboard Kansas City Toy Train Talk Today!!!

It's Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar discussion time today and here's what we know . . .

- KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTERS report 25 people signed up to speak.

- Kansas City Courtroom Stalling: Court postpones legal hearing on proposed TDD

- Now Cowtown Cash On Hand: KC Streetcar TDD Will Not Raise Enough Money for Expansion

- Does God Hate The Streetcar? Council Dude Johnson Still Doesn't Care: Catholic priest speaks out against streetcar tax

- TRANSIT UNION IN THE HOUSE AGAINST THE TDD!!! They say they're "For the streetcar, for transit but against the TDD." 

- South Plaza Homes Association In Support

- Most Opposition 60+ years-old, Brookside crowd

It's nice to see people still in a rage on this topic that after we discover that the toy train might be forced to turn east and eco-devo promises become just a bit harder to believe . . .


Anonymous said...

Expect a surprise guest. I hear Clay is in town!

Anonymous said...

Rev. Davis makes a good point about raising sales and property taxes in the TDD for the streetcar. How can the proponents in good faith impose a regressive tax in the poorest parts of the city to pay for a shiny new toy that does what the buses are already doing? I'm sure Mr. BNIM suck-up employee will jump right in and make fun of those who bring up such issues, but you'll note they never address the issues.

It's also amusing that when the proponents are faced with the facts they fall back on accusing those who question the streetcar of racism--i.e., somehow thinking the streetcars will "bring" undesirables into areas of the city they could not get to by bus or car. Well, how racist is it to expect the poorest parts of town with the most people of color to pay for your new toys?

This is a sham. It seems the only justifications put forth so far have been (1) simply to repeat that it will work and pay for itself and (2) to make fun of anyone who questions the "if we build it (at your expense, taxpayers) they will come.

elBryan said...

The neighborhoods in Northeast that support streetcar have also downzoned. That is a strategy that replaced blockbusting and redlining, used to prevent undesirables from moving in. Many of the people in those neighborhoods also dislike organizations and businesses that cater to the needy by providing them food, shelter, or guidance.

Talk about NIMBY...

Anonymous said...

Most Opposition 60+ years-old, Brookside crowd

There is no shortage of younger people who can see through the TDD Streetcar boondoggle I assure you.

So Staubio and Johnson are not going to get much mileage out this type of imagery much longer.

Anonymous said...

Toy train supporters are partying post hearing at The Zoo (bar)

Maybe they can stay there permanently and The Zoo downtown can become a second tourist attraction.

Anonymous said...

Tony, I just left the hearing that is only halfway done. There are many more people signed up to speak. Opposition speakers are running about 8 to 1 over proponents. And everyone that has spoken so far, except for Kite Singleton who had too many martinis at lunch, has spoken very eloquently with well thought out and well researched comments and statistics.The opponents did their homework.

Anonymous said...

Well this came today.

"Visitor spending set a record when it grew to $2.8 billion in 2012, Stephens said. Tourism generated $4.6 billion in economic impact for the region then and provided more than $186 million in local taxes, he said." Jon Stephens of the Convention and Visitors Association

So we need this TDD for what? Oh where did all these billions go while we are on the subject?

Anonymous said...

News cameras set up in the hallway outside the courtroom during the break at 3:00. They don't want to talk to the proponents. Newsies are going after opponents. Maybe because they make a better case.

Anonymous said...

TRANSIT UNION IN THE HOUSE AGAINST THE TDD!!! They say they're "For the streetcar, for transit but against the TDD."

Because another union is likely to earn bargaining unit. The Transit Union is fucking lame.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the public can be woken up in time so they know they are being duped by DSS - Streetcar Neighbors.

Gritty said...

we gotta stop this train. Makes no sense. Agree with Byan.

Mayor Sly James should see the light!

Anonymous said...

Mayor Sly James should see the light!

ROFLMAO! Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

The group of opponents was 99% older white brooksiders, the exact same ones who deprived brookside of the right to vote have now decided to disenfranchise the majority black and minority constituency of the TDD by working to ensure the also don't get to vote.

A public hearing about an amenity used primarily by working people and people of color was held at 3 pm on a workday and was dominated by white people who do not live in the affected area.

Thanks, old white people of privilege. We appreciate your patronizing desire to tell us what we should do with out money and bloviate about "what's good for" us.

Next maybe you should ask for our opinion before you presume to speak for us.

You guys squeezed and whinnied until your neighborhood lost it's right to vote on this, now you're trying to so the same to us.

You should be ashamed of yourselves and so should Ernie Davis.

Your voice was heard over the protestations of the neighbors who disagree with you.

You didn't speak for them and you sure as hell don't speak for us. In fact, your opinions are no longer relevant, that's the consequence of getting your way.

Now let us make the decisions for our communities and neighborhoods ourselves.

Anonymous said...

5:53...d.johnson and your groupies. You are outnumbered. You are not going to get an extension to the streetcar. Nope! Kansas City isn't interested in what you demand.
Move on. It is not about you. Once again, a very bad loser. Shame on you, sonny boy.

Anonymous said...


Doesn't live in the TDD.

Doesn't want the people who do to get to vote on it.

Hmmm? Wonder why?

Anonymous said...

6:18 you sliced them out so they can't vote! Democracy in action!!!

Anonymous said...

5:53: You write an awful lot like someone who is always posting pro-streetcar comments, which is just fine, except today you're insinuating you are a person of color who lives in the TDD. I don't think so, Russ boy. Just because you passed the Mensa test doesn't mean everyone else is stupid. It also doesn't mean you're as smart as you think you are or that you have emotional intelligence (as demonstrated by the crushed water bottle tricks).

And 99% of the people were older white Brooksiders? I won't say you're a liar, but I can sure say you're honesty-challenged.

Anonymous said...

5:53 I think the people that have to pay for this clusterfuck indeed have every right to speak.
This is a horrible idea and will be a billion dollar burden shoved up the ass of the taxpayer.
You probably don't pay any and like the ass rape.

Anonymous said...

They got sliced out of paying for it too.

For as much as you guys crow about taxation without representation, you don't seem to have a very form grasp of what that means.

I guess that's to be expected from a group of people lead by a woman who was mad her business didn't get a vote.

Anonymous said...

Attacking the messenger is not the same as addressing the facts, 6:34 (Mensa boy).

Anonymous said...

1. Nearly every one of the opponents was over 50, Caucasian, and listed their address as brookside (though a few of them owned rentals in midtown, including one landlady who actually said as was on a "fixed income" right after saying she owned rentals of 39th and broadway)

2. I am pro streetcar

3 I live in the TDD

4. I am mixed race.

5. I have commented before on this blog

6. I resent being told what is unfair/unjust/not good for me by people who already got ther way for their neighborhood and don't speak for me, though they very publicly pretended to today.
Nothing pretend about it.

Anonymous said...

Can't tell if 6:37 is being intentionally tonic or is just so stupid he doesn't realize he reduced himself to name calling in a "don't attack the messenger" argument

Anonymous said...


Not tonic.

Anonymous said...

626 is the epitome of the anti desperation.

I guess it hard to be on the wrong side of history, facts and public opinion when you think your really really important and everyone should acknowledge your knee jerk reactions as indisputable truth

Anonymous said...

"Nearly every one" does not equal 99%. How would you know their ages? And over 50 is not necessarily "older."

And if you think owning rentals is a way to make a good income, you've never owned rentals.

You're certainly entitled to be pro-streetcar just as anyone else is entitled to oppose the streetcar. The facts remain: all KC taxpayers will eventually have to pay for it, and it duplicates existing bus transit service. People who live in the TDD will simply be hit first and hardest.

Anonymous said...

It sure is Caleb and David in here. Have a few too many at that horrendous dive bar by Empty Center?

Go back to Portland you fudge packers.

Anonymous said...

30 % of the cost is coming from the General Fund, which all City taxpayers pay for, north and south, not just TDD property owners.

Anyone who shops in the District pays the 1% sales tax. We are all on the hook for this fiasco which will drive more people from the City.

Recall all these ego maniac clowns!

elBryan said...

I'm just gonna leave this here: "You guys squeezed and whinnied until your neighborhood lost it's right to vote on this," -5:53

Anonymous said...

The anti-streetcar people under 60 all had to work today. We felt the 60+ crowd could speak for us.

Anonymous said...

5:53 is so obviously Dave Johnson. Nice try, asshole.

Anonymous said...

Yep. What a colossal jerk.