Saturday, March 29, 2014


Tonight it's appropriate to think about the big picture from our small little corner of the world.

After all these years, Kansas City still struggles to find its place in a world that's rapidly changing and confronting new and complex problems. Politics and the culture war divide our city on the best way to address environmental issues but there's no doubt that our town should have an important role to play in the problems of this planet. Both Conservative and liberal locals should agree that consideration of our environment for the sake of health, industry and conservation is of primary importance even if we disagree on methodology.

Also, talking about "sustainability" is a great way to get into a woman's pants for some strange reason.

But I digress and, since he was in town this weekend, realize that Academy Award Winner Al Pacino basically summed up all of TKC's feelings about environmentalism during a soliloquy he delivered in the classic movie, "The Devil's Advocate" .  . . Take a look if you haven't seen it already:

Okay, that's kind of a downer and in fact . . .


1. Don't question Cindy Circo on her KCP&L job - Our Mayor Pro Tem is all about "sustainability" given that her hotness has really held up for a 50-year-old broad.

2. Give Violent Teen Flash Mobs On The Country Club Plaza A Broom - If they're gonna be hanging around on the Plaza, they might as well help keep the place clean.

3. Cancel That Dead Tree Media Subscription - Save a tree and save and a lot of time reading the work of political and cocktail party hacks from JoCo.

4. Turn Out The Lights On The P&L District - This downtown experiment costs nearly $20 MIL a year nowadays with no sign of any payout coming.

5. Oppose Water Bond Borrowing, The Wasteful KCI Single-Terminal And Pricey Toy Train Streetcar Eco-Devo Schemes - It seems like Kansas City politicos could save a lot of energy, time and money if they listen to voters and neighborhoods instead of their corporate pals.

And so, considering all these much better options . . . Here's more info . . .


The City of Kansas City, MO, will join cities across the globe in shutting off non-essential lighting for an hour on Saturday, March 29, and encourages other government entities, businesses and residents to do the same. This symbolic gesture, known as Earth Hour, takes place from 8:30-9:30 p.m. to show how people can work together toward better environmental practices.

During Earth Hour, the City will turn off all non-essential lighting in City Hall and other facilities to demonstrate the City's commitment to reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Earth Hour is an international grassroots movement that began in 2007 when more than two million people and 2,000 businesses in Sydney, Australia switched their lights off for one hour to take a stand on climate change. This gesture spread quickly, and last year it reached more than 7,000 cities, towns and municipalities in 152 countries and territories.

And all of this has inspired our playlist for tonight . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday Night . . .


Anonymous said...

It would be nice to save the planet but that bunch at 12th and oak just seems to care about saving themselves.

chuck said...

God bless you Tony.

God Bless Truth To Power.

Me, I have ideas and truths 180 degrees away from what you see, what you think, what you feel is the truth.

Thanks for the forum.

This blog, this outlet, this island, this realm, this TKC, is the truth, the commentary unavailable (Which, is the ONLY way to find out the real truth behind the scenes.) in ANY, in ALL, traditional 4th estate sources.

Let us be clear, crystal clear.


Again, the opportunity, to speak tructh to power in the comments section of this blog, is the acid, metaphysical proof what the founding fathers dreamed of when they fashioned the 1st Amendmendt.

God bless America.

Anonymous said...

Good comments, Chuck. we are on different ends of the political spectrum, but we still both know a good thing when we see it. :)

Tony, I check this blog almost every day, and today was absolutely one of the best in a long time. And not cuz your doing too shabby. You just fucking nailed it today.

Enjoy your saturday nights, everyone!


Update from Douche Brawl 1 at Woodside today said...

This is Howard Cowasill reporting from “Douche Brawl 1” at Woodside, Kansas City, Missouri. The weather today is clear, 50 degrees, and a perfect day for an asshole rumble of epic proportions.

The combatants today are Craig “King of Turds” Glazer and Bob “Murman” Thurman versus the duo of “Buttplug Guy and his Friend”.

The crowd is overflowing. Every known douche bag in KC is here. Alonzo Washington, Jermaine Reed, Cindy Circo, Hearne Christopher, Yael Abracadabra, Mayor Sly, Revs Tindall, Cleaver, and Bishop Finn representing the Catholics. Also in the crowd is the Kartdashians, Chelsea Handler, JJ Walker, Hugh Hefner, several local crack whores, a group of cheesy looking chics from WyCo who claim to be the Glazer fan club. The Polar Bear is sitting with Cum Guy and Bulk Email Guy drinking 45’s and smoking the biggest Cheeba joint ever. They are totally fucked up.

The music is blaring the theme from Rocky. Wait, here comes Butt Plug Guy and Friend. They are dressed in overhauls and work boots with baseball caps turned backwards. I assume that is to appease the hoodrats in the crowd. Looks like Butt Plug Guys “Friend” is a Platte County farm boy. He stands about 6’6” and goes 285. This boy is bad looking with tattoos and he looks like he is straight off the farm. The crowd is in a frenzy in anticipation of this showdown.

DOUCHE BOWL 1 cont... said...

Douche Brawl 1 cont,

And here comes “the King of Turds and Murman Thurman. They are wearing robes and the look totally overmatched. They are now taking off their robes……OMG….they are dressed in “matching thongs”. The crowd is roaring with laughter and hurling insults at these two obvious clowns. “the King” is sporting a fake tan with a rodent rug that looks to be attached with velcro. Murman Thurman is wearing a Kung Fu headband that is obviously cutting off the circulation to his head. His head is swollen, looking much like a cantaloupe.

The referee for this event is Claude Kahooka, the foremost douche bag fighting official in the world today. And now lets go up to ring announcer Michael Buffer for the introductions.

Ladies, Ho’s and gentlemen, introducing in the red corner from nearby, Weighing in at a rotund 256 lbs on a 5’6” frame, the King of Turds, Craig the Know-it-All Glazer. And his teammate, Weighing in at a trim weight of 136 lbs and standing 5’5”’s tall, Bob “ from Bad Santa, Murman” Thurman.

In the blue corner from TKC, Platte County and parts unknown, Weighing in at 183 lbs and standing 6’9”s tall, Buttplug Guy. And his teammate also from Platte County, Standing 6’6” tall and weighing in at a trim 285 lbs, Friend.

“Let’s Get Ready to Rumble”…….

The King of Turds looking rather perplexed is pushed to the center of the ring by Murman Thurman. From the other corner out comes Buttplug Guy with a giant smirk on his face. The King is going into a modified Ali shuffle…it actually looks more like Fred Sanford having a heart attack. Buttplug Guy is laughing. Ding Ding Ding.

The King moving to his left slowly, looking like his arms are already tired, throws a wild haymaker at Buttplug Guy. That missed by a mile. Buttplug Guy is walking straight toward the King. Buttplug guy unleashes a kick to the King of Turds nuts. The King is bent over in the center of the ring. Buttplug Guy is winding up with an uppercut and just knocked the King of Turds up on the top rope. The King is out cold. Wait, now Murman Thurman tried to jump in the ring and is tangled up in the ropes. Friend has tagged in and is approaching Murman Thurman. Oh no…he has grabbed Murman by the thong and has him in a wedgie. Murman is screaming in pain. His head looks as if it will explode. Now Friend is pulling Murman’s thong off. OMG…Murman Thurman is hung like a field mouse. The crowd is laughing so hard many are pissing themselves. Friend just grabbed Murman and is giving him a nuggie. Murman has tapped out. Wait, Friend is not thru. He is now holding Murman’s head against his ass and just blew a fart that knocked Murman Thurman completely out. The fart was devastating as it singed the hair of several ho’s sitting at ringside. Folks this Battle of Douche Bags is over. Time of the fight, 39 seconds of the first round. Both the King of Turds and Murman Thurman are being carried out of the ring, and toward JJ Walkers limo.

And the winner, Buttplug Guy and Friend.

Reporting live from Woodside, this is Howard Cowasil, now let’s send it back to Sportscenter.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that shit stain that owns the comedy club should hire your ass. You are funnier that some of the jokes he has out at the Furniture Mart. That was far better reading that the blab blab blab that TKC runs out.

from the Far East Side of Town...... said...

Damn I got fucked up today. Some ho came by Woodside while we were enjoying the comedy show and got us fired up. Best cheeba I have smoked in years. I digress, Tony you are on fire the last two days. Hot women and your 5 ideas for KC are totally on point. While I enjoy "kicking you in the nuts" on a semi daily basis, I agree totally with Chuck. You provide no life fucks like me a place to have some much needed fun. BTW, I have not seen anything funnier that Glazer, decked out in a thong, getting kicked in the nuts and knocked out at Woodside today. That was a Visa moment. said...

The never ending, constant black on white crime which is a plague in this country, will NEVER be reported in the Main Stream Media can ONLY be seen on local blogs in this now, disgraceful nation. said...

Why would anyone want to flee this culture? said...

It is the same everywhere.

White cowards sell the country down the tubes while this is the new standard of civilization.

Kwame Kipatrick said...

Next Saturdays Playlist should be a tribute to the trillions and trillions of dollars (Read reparations) that white people have to pay in order to exist in a country that is dedicated to legalizing the dysfunction and criminality of blacks.

"We shall overspend, we shall overspend."

Goddamn these usless schmucks take up so much time and effort.

For what?

A cure for cancer?

The solution to cold fusion?

No, the effort results in gun shots at the zoo, violence on the Plaza, the destruction of our cities, our nation our ethos and our lives.

Still, they vote for a living and the scum, the irredeemable scum who cater to the filthy mob stays in power.

Hey, can someone text me a picture of Rev Brook's dick?

If you close your eyes, no, you actually don't have to close your eyes, this IS DETROIT.

Dead victims and families of black violence said...

It is seriously almost incomprehesible how much money has been spent on black people and trying to get them to be at least somewhat civilized.

Why do suburbs even exist?

Black people and violence.

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This list is almost endless. The hoops we all jump through and don't even bother to acknowledge anymore are due to the threats of violence from black people.

Just think about it. said...

America hates you white boy. said...

I love RAP Tony, this is my favorite. Please post it for all my homies and me on Monday!!!

Anonymous said...

Lord keep those TKC trolls at bay. They are BORING.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a fuck? There is no profit here. Only profit control.

Tony said...

Just wanted to SAY THANK YOU to Chuck and so many others for nice words and encouragement posted on this topic.

Anonymous said...

While nobody wants to admit it, niggers have finally ruined the P&L District, just like they did The Bannister Mall, etc. Oh yeah, say what you will, but humans quit going to the P&L for the very real fear of being mugged, raped or car-jacked by the constant hoards of niggers in the parking areas. Twenty million bucks a year for some God-damned niggers??