Thursday, March 27, 2014


TKC NOTE: Pretty sure this presser might be part of a legal move aimed against the City Council . . . It's all fun and games until we remember that Clay Chastain beat Mayor and Council last time around and he's still the only guy to win a citywide rail transit election.

The Committee of Petitioners for the Light Rail Initiative Petition

To: Mayor Sly James, the entire city council, and the city's legal department

Given the fact the Missouri Supreme Court ruled (7-0) that the light rail initiative petition is constitutional;

Given the fact the initiative has met all signature and procedural requirements of the city's charter;

Given the fact all is needed to correct the so-called technical glitch in the initiative's ordinance language (to make it comport with the initiative's ballot language) is to copy section 4 of the ordinance into section three of the ordinance;

Given the fact Missouri case law says, "Initiatives shall be liberally construed to effectuate their purpose," (meaning the government is legally obligated to liberally construct initiatives and correct minor errors that might negate the initiative's purpose);

And given the fact the government has withheld a vote on said initiative for nearly three years now;

We the Committee of Petitioners for the Light Rail Initiative Petition (named below) hereby officially request that Kansas City's elected government make whatever technical correction to the light rail
initiative petition they feel is necessary to make it legally sufficient, and then place the initiative before voters in the up coming August election.

Respectively submitted by:

Karen Chastain, Lamar Mickens, Cynthia Mickens, and Kim Williamson.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my. And will we be hearing ithy remarks again from Blond Watermelon?

Anonymous said...

I bet the Blond Watermelon work in city hall

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sly talked about his dream of making KCMO a world class city. But watching all the chaos, lying, bullying, and incompetence, it appear he has quite a way to go.
Wait; actually HE'S doing most of it.

Anonymous said...

Chaos Lying Bullying Incompetence...the official mantra of Save OUR False Paradigm/SMARTKC (Sudden Mock Anger Regarding Transit)KC.

Anonymous said...

David, you are such a poor
l o s e r

Anonymous said...

The real loser is the adult population f brookside that got denied a choice by the shrieking of a couple of outside interests, political hacks, a phony libertarian "think tank" shill and a few women with too much time on they're hands.

The anti streetcar whiners were terrified this would go to vote because the core group saw the numbers. They got their way and the city capitulated to not have I waste time and effort on combatting their lies and propaganda, but they got their way. A de facto no vote without the danger of letting the actual residents of the neighborhood vote.

Squeeky wheel 101.


Is it ... finally ... Okay to just say to Chastain...


Anonymous said...

You are totally ignorant of the facts, 9:38pm. However, you are full of anger and I hope venting makes you feel better about yourself. If you were fact aware, you would be "on board" with the anti streetcar expansion. RIDE the BUS!! Public transportation is in place. If you and your friends are into public transportation, why are the buses empty? Buses just not kewl enough for you?
Yes, you are ignorant of the facts and it is becoming pathetic. Please do your homework, son.

Anonymous said...

$500 MILLION dollars for an experiment. Downtown streetcar line is not even built. Won't run till 2015.

If public transportation is the goal here, why are the buses empty?

Getting our share of Federal money is understandable. However, in this instance, with public transportation running empty in so many parts of this city, I wonder why we NEED to tear up our streets, destroy historic areas, take on the huge liability for streetcars, if we
haven't proven that the public wants public transportation AND the public uses it. As poorly as we utilize what we have, there is no way we deserve any additional assistance from the Feds. I am not riding the bus today. I will use my car. Not right, but it's the way it is.

Just an opinion.

Anonymous said...

Clay, Clay, Go Away! We don't want to play.

We're into playing football not toy trains.