Thursday, March 06, 2014


Earlier today KCUR broke an important story which reveals nothing much has changed in this town's heavily subsidized party place.

Check it:

New Lawsuit Alleges Racial Discrimination At Power And Light

Deets of tragic allegations . . .

Glen Cusimano, a former club manager and security chief for Cordish, alleges in his lawsuit that the company routinely created disturbances as a ruse to eject black customers from clubs in the district. Specifically, Cusimano says that a Cordish official told him to hire a so-called “rabbit,” an inside troublemaker who ­provokes certain patrons.

To wit . . .


There are many reasons for our boycott but ongoing racism, otherwise lame offerings, economic discrimination and the fact that NOBODY should pay $9 for a beer top the list.

Also, let's not forget that P&L District subsidy from Kansas City Taxpayers is nearing the $20 Million a year level while Mayor and Council double down on the losing entertainment district strategy and recently offered Cordish even more help to build nearby condos.

For these reasons an many more . . . The TKC P&L District Boycott will persist until so much taxpayer subsidized party district injustice is resolved.


Anonymous said...

You, silly, silly man.

Anonymous said...

So are the douche bag little yuppie twats in IZOD shirts claiming discrimination or the niggers. That's about all that go to the P&L

Anonymous said...


KC Grizzly said...

They need a good gay club in P&L. I'm not gay, I just like to dance and the techno places aren't cutting it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not buying it.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Another reason to boycott is those gaudy 'cowgirl' cutouts (Mayor James says you're not a 'cow town' anymore.) They're offensive.

Anonymous said...

Glenn was the biggest problem that P&L had when he was there. To the contrary of his claims, he was the one actually putting his hands on people and physically dragging them out of the courtyard for alleged dress code violations. He thought he was "in charge" and could bounce anyone he wanted..not to mention all the dope he was pushing in and out of Rock Bar.

Anonymous said...

A violent summer is in the offing. Place will be a ghost town. Not worth the risk.

Anonymous said...

Why should a pedophile living in West Virginia weigh in on something in KC ? As for P&L, the niggers have turned it into another Bannister. The people with the money to support the are won't go near P&L. They are hanging on with city money and people from Omaha and Des Moines on weekends. Those people are no beginning to realize just how unsafe P&L is. Call it racism all day long, bottom line is the niggers have ruined another area. Anywhere they gather in mass is doomed. Plaza your next. At some point RACISM rings hollow. To this reader, it rings real hollow. Fuck the porch monkeys.

Anonymous said...

The Bat Shit Crazy WV troll just can't stay away.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Byron on this one. He is right, KC ain't no cowtown.

Oh No!!!! We can't take another boycott..Have mercy mr Blotello said...

We'll miss your 14 bucks.

Anonymous said...

An insider who can cause trouble?
Is Kyle back from LA yet?

Anonymous said...

7:14 might be safer and more profitable if KC was a Cow Town again. Anyone that agrees with a idiot like Byron has to be considered to be the same.

Anonymous said...

I don't pay attention to Byron's post. Some nights he's doped up on pills and makes no sense at all!

Anonymous said...

@7:35 agreed. When KC was a cowtown this city had a backbone. We had personality. This town was something. Now we're just another generic midwestern town.

Back when we were a cowtown we were a kind of South/Southwestern town. It was cooler times then.

Anonymous said...

You realize ANYONE can make claims and file a lawsuit. Doesn't mean it's the truth.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's true, alright.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! In my opinion, the P&L district began its downward trend approximately two years after it opened up to the public (Blame the Jersey Shore television show?). At this time most of the negativity that is taking place at P&L (Rockbar, Mosaic, Hotel and Tengo Sed) are due to people assigned to management positions who have minimum experience on how to run a nightclub (Glen Cusimano, Ron Martin, Brain Collins, and Carlos Falcon). I have visited all of these places multiple times and noticed that the employees who work at these clubs have little to no skills in the hospitality industry whatsoever. Now, as far as the disturbances at Plaza along with P&L is concerned. I advise you people to please begin to acknowledge and understand that the troubles in these entertainment districts have absolutely nothing and I mean NOTHING to do with race. It has, on the contrary, everything to do with and individual's social economic status. Its easy for city officials and the media to bash a particular race concerning the entertainment districts. However, it is more difficult to tackle a group belonging to a social economic class due to the fact that there are far more participant from all racial and cultural backgrounds who are involved. So please keep that in mind. Lastly, I believe that Mr. Cusimano given his "checkered" background (which is public at knew about this "rabbit" operation for a particular time frame and even participate fully in these incidents. I think that he felt disappointed and betrayed at Cordish by they way he was terminated. As a result of Mr.Cusimano loosing his job as Manager and "Security Chief" at Mosaic he feels the need to get back at Cordish by revealing to the public what he witnessed at Mosaic as an employee. He should of quit immediately after he felt uncomfortable with the policies & procedures of the nightclub instead of waiting after he got fired to make his claim public.

Anonymous said...

Lets just say I have kind of a job where my activities are monitored. Lets just say I have a job where my background has been dug around in. Lets just say I that this is a not really living, but it pays the bills.

From the very very begining of the P and L I was told to not go down there. Everything is on tape. They scan your ID and do goodness knows what with the data.

I was told by the up and ups to not go there. They honestly didn't feel it was a good environment and safe.

If I saw a nightclub manager punching a cuffed and stuffed patron, I would do something. (which he allegedly got fired for)

He went along for 4 years with this alleged scheme to bait and entice hot tempers of all kinds of people. I am sure there were drunk jerks off all kinds down there, not just black people.

Also, the dude doesn't look that black to me. He looks mixed. He has a white last name.

It makes the P and L look like a place where people go to get in fights. Mosaic is a name of hospitals and care facilities, FYI. They have mosaic healthcare in liberty and platte city. Kind of a strange name for a bar.

I am sorry the dude got fired for loosing his cool and punching some dude in front of a cop. That is his thing and has nothing to do with P and L.

TKC Referee said...

Last two comments were the REAL DEAL

1st down.

Anonymous said...

10:53 - Really? Socio-economic status? Hello, it's almost the same damn thing as negroes running through the streets assaulting people. Nice try but your PC talk doesn't confuse real people that work there and have to deal with it every day/night. We know that area is going to hell just like Indian Springs and Bannister. Buy a $6.00 beer and celebrate.

Anonymous said...

other cities have their entertainmentdistricts.
Denver has lodo with almost
no problems.
andthey have a great reputation.
same with Austin...Chicago...
what's with Kansas city. better learn to get
along...the demographic bomb is
hitting America and its changing
We all know that the power and light has had problems with
blacks....couldn't theyfind a
way to alleviate these problems
without causing fights.
If these charges are true about
these "rabbits" theres going to
be hell to pay for those who
participatedand authorized them...
especially if someone got injured
or killed.
What fools are these epoele who
are running that place.
figure it out....because the
heat is on now!
this cusimano kid probably has
the real goods on cordish...those
statementsif not true carry
a heavy penalty.
and if you read cordish's response...they don't deny too
many of the specific charges.
sorry people....a storm is
brewing....someone may be doing in prison for some
serious crimes.
should be interesting...and I
wonder who in the city government
knew of what was going on????
when did they know and what did
they know?
this is huge.

Anonymous said...

Saw your mayor speak the other
night for the first time.
guys a dufus. What has he done
besides further screw up your
This guyis one stupid fool...
his speechwas horrible...if
you reelect this bumbling idiot
you people deserve more crap. wonder kc is in such

Anonymous said...

niggers are stupid.