Friday, March 07, 2014

Thinking About Today's Supreme Court Lesson In Kansas Income Redistribution

Newsies made a big deal over a Kansas Supreme Court ruling on education funding today that offers a bit of push back on typical Red State economic disparity.

Check the round-up:

New York Times: Court Orders Kansas Legislature to Spend More on Schools

KCUR: Kansas Supreme Court Rules School Funding Formula Unconstitutional

KMBC: Kansas high court says state is inadequately funding public schools

KCTV5: Kansas Supreme Court: Change school aid formula and study whether to spend morel

AP in The Kansan: "In the much-anticipated ruling, the court said Kansas' poor school districts were harmed when the state made the decision to cut certain payments when tax revenues declined during the Great Recession."

This one didn't really turn our crank here @ TKC because it doesn't do much right way . . . Orders to study aren't as groundbreaking some might suggest.

However . . .

What this means in practical terms is more taxes for Kansas and poorer school districts from urban to rural can now set their sights on all of the that Golden Ghetto tax cash that's mostly wasted on an army of future middle-mangers coming out Johnson County public schools. Moreover, income disparity and the growing divide betwixt rich and poor is FINALLY starting to have consequences in the Midwest as the first rounds of class-warfare are being decided in the courts.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Time for some private school vouchers to start oozing out of the Koch Legislature!

Anonymous said...


Stop taking money from our public schools and giving tax breaks to your 1% friends.

Keep this up and your legislature will be full of clowns like Merrick, Schwab, Macheers, Hildabrand and Mary Pilcher Cook.

It could be a very long next four years. Say good-by to your chance to run for President.

Anonymous said...

I lived through this shit with judge Clark. Hope they impeach all these mutherfuckking fascist justices.

Anonymous said...

Poor people don't need much education. It's not like there are good jobs we need to prepare them for.

Anonymous said...

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