Sunday, March 23, 2014


High fashion hotness inspires this early collection of Kansas City mainstream media morning links this Sunday . . .

- Weekend Wild Times And A Reminder That Cowtown Crime Travels: Three KC men arrested on suspicion of drug, gun offenses, fleeing police

- Worth A Peek: Almost Kansas City Royal Logos

- Going To Kansas City? Pope Includes Victim Among Members Of Commission On Sex Abuse

- Latest Scheme On The Kansas City Water Front: New riverfront development plan: subdivide and conquer

- Eight Game Winning Streak: Sporting KC earns 1-0 victory over San Jose . . . Sporting KC extends home winning streak to eight against Earthquakes

- Guide To Getting Away From This Town: Kansas City Regional Day Trips For Families, Foodies And Lovers

- Get A Furry Friend Rather Than A Human: KC Pet Project pets for adoption

- Lesson In Propaganda: Park Hill High School students prep to take on KC mayor at State of the City address

- Good Thoughts From Guswelle: Poetry reveals an extraordinary man

- Local Lending And Last Bit Of Enduring Power Of Dead Tree Media: Kansas City Public Library holds March Spring Tournament of Books

And this is the Kansas City early morning OPEN THREAD for Sunday . . .


P Bear said...

Why is Mayor Ape going North? No negro vote up there. INTERESTING.

Must Read Hooker Article on KCC said...

Just came from KCC, You must read the comments from King of Turds, Glazer regarding the Hooker story. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

Wildman, go away.

Anonymous said...

I read the posting and that is classic Glazer. It's like The Man commented. Glazer know everything except where to buy a decent dome cover. That rug he wears looks like something from the KDOT kill truck.

Shug said...

Looks like rodent rug is hiding from TKC lately. Catching too much heat.
His KCK minions seem to flock to KCC.