Friday, March 21, 2014


This one is just for fellow Kansas City residents who sometimes like to geek out on finance issues.

Check it:

Economist . . . Kansas and Missouri: The new border war

The article features Northland Kansas City Rep. Ryan Silvey making bold (and probably empty) threats . . .

Mr Silvey says that if an agreement is not reached in the next few years, his colleagues will want to “go with both barrels” and steal more business from Kansas

It's a nice sentiment but pretty unlikely as the slow bleed of jobs from KCMO continues without Kansas participating in any of the outcry for an economic truce.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Name one thing Missouri has to offer.

Anonymous said...

Typical libtard bullshit. Everton want to live in joco. It's nationally even internationally known. Everyone know CK is corruption boondoggle sewers water main break plus tax.

Go anywhere and ask them if they've hear of Overland Park. I guarantee yes. Almost no one has ever heard of kcmo unless they study epic fail boondoggles next Detroit

Joco rules and that why all the business comes here on its own fleeing corruption etax boondoggle and streetcar

Kcmo has to give incentives to build high rises everything in joco is free market. No subsidies evarrr just wags everybody naturally wants. Flee democrats blacks and old houses get reasonable conservative government like kansas has that everybody want plus no taxes ever on anything and definitely nt higher taxes than kc mo plus joco has culture and everything you can do in kcmo is better plus you can park there and the houses are stupendous

Hipsters are not in
Our coffee shop either and no one wants to have streetcars

Hashtag winning4eva joco supreme destination of everyone ck
Corruption sux

Anonymous said...

Silvey is a Republican.

Get your facts straight @6:39 or go home.

Anonymous said...

Your average CK/Missouri/Kansas resident has never heard of The Economist, much less seen or read a copy. It's got too many words in it for most of them.

P Bear said...

Can you help us move our Polar Bear enclosure to JoCo ? There are too many negros nearby. They piss in the water.

Anonymous said...

ok 639 for the win on the dumbest comment ive literally ever seen on this blog.

Anonymous said...

joco has culture. god, thats just brilliant. stay the fuck out of missouri, 639. we dont need your kind

Anonymous said...

Missouri should introduce a Kansas specific incentive. Go after just Kansas and destroy those assholes. Aggressively recruit everything in that state. Missouri has over 3x the budget.