Sunday, March 30, 2014

Steve Rose Calls Out Kansas Economic Policy

Some very smart insights echo growing concern about the financial philosophies governing Kansas.

Check it:

Rosy Kansas revenue numbers just don’t add up

Steve Rose asks the big question and starts the blame game that local elite will determine political fate:

"Individual income taxes have been slashed, as well as other major tax cuts implemented, and the question is, what now? Will the state hit the wall, or will Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and the Kansas Legislature prove that tax cuts will spur on the economy and actually increase revenues?"

Meanwhile, this left/right debate forgets that corporate interests pretty much control BOTH parties and have already hedged their bets with that goofball Rep. Paul Davis and so many KCMO cocktail party fundraisers.

Good luck . . .


Anonymous said...

What are Nick Jordan's credentials? I thought he used to be a minister at the Full Faith Chirch of Love in Shawnee.

Does he have a college degree in Economics? Or just a high school diploma?

I want to know what qualifies anyone to be a mouthpiece for our very own Governor 1%.

Anonymous said...

Well and what qualifies Rose to say anything either?

Anonymous said...

It's deeply disturbing that Rose maligns as Nazis those with whom he disagrees. He has lost all respect and credibility.