Monday, March 24, 2014

Show-Me Higher Missouri Taxes

Forbes taxes apart local tax rates: "This month the Tax Foundation released its latest report on state and local sales taxes from across the country. It found that Missouri’s average combined sales tax rates were the 14th highest in the country — higher even than Florida, which has no income tax at all. This isn’t news, either. In 2009 the Foundation named Missouri the state with the 15th highest combined sales taxes in the country. That’s right: in the last few years, Missouri’s sales tax burden has actually gotten slightly worse compared to other states, not better. And in some areas of the state, much worse."


Anonymous said...

And your highways still suck

Anonymous said...

Add a highway sales tax, commuter rail sales tax, streetcar sales tax plus all the CID sales taxes and we could soon hit 12% in a lot of places.