Thursday, March 13, 2014

Show-Me Gun Rights Crazy Talk

KCUR and follow-up on an important Show-Me State legal challenge: Lawsuit Tests Missouri Gun Shop’s Liability In Pistol Sale To Mentally Ill Woman


Orphan of the Road said...

Unless there is court documentation of the mental illness the gun shop is in the clear.

I lived next door to a mass murder, Sylvia Seegrist, who had been under treatment since childhood for mental issues.

Despite her mother's attempts to get her daughter help and to try and prevent her from hurting others, she was able to purchase a gun.

She then walked across the street to the mall and began killing.

Anonymous said...

Gun shop clear. If she passed Fed check thats all they can do. It is a quality check.

Anonymous said...

Ditto above.

Anonymous said...

If she passed Fed check and they refused to sell her the gun because mom claimed she was crazy she could probably sue the pawn shop and win.