Tuesday, March 25, 2014


For quite some time TSA talk has been left out of the new airport ADULT discussion.

Now this tidbit takes apart another aspect of arguments put together by Global Prairie . . .

Federal official: A single KCI terminal might not improve security greatly

"Because of the terminals’ circular design and the fact that passengers arrive and depart from two terminals, fewer people might be hurt than in the large open space at many big airports, he (TSA OFFICIAL) told the KCI Terminal Advisory Group."

And now we're not sure about the remaining arguments for a single-terminal . . . Higher costs, longer waits, more taxes and jobs for JoCo. WTF???

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

One by one, the ridiculous rationales that Van Loh started out with are batted down and, by all people, the very agencies and companies with actual expertise.
First the airlines say no thinks.
Then we find out that there are no real environmental issues.
And now TSA says the original $1.2 billion plan won't make anyone safer.
Maybe Sly can weigh in riding his new gun control horse to see if it mankes any more sense here than in curbing violence on the east side.
Truth and facts really take a beating in this town.

Anonymous said...

Sly is wrong on the airport, Sly is wrong on the toy train, Sly is wrong for CK.

Anonymous said...


hahahaha get get get ititititititi???

I make them backwards letters from what they normly are!!!

I so clevar. 4 evar.

long live CK said...

5:23 having a rough day, Russ?

Anonymous said...

Why does KCI have to be way the hell out there?

Anonymous said...

5:23: More hyperbolic hysterical frothy mouthed lunacy?

Anonymous said...

Fixing the old airport is not sexy and will not get a bronze plaque with Sly and Russ's name on it.

Anonymous said...

By the time those two are finished spending money and bringing the city to the point of bankruptcy, any plaque will have to be made of cardboard with magic marking lettering.
Isn't there anyone at 12th and Oak who can provide just a little adult supervision?

Anonymous said...

3:11 comment = OUTSTANDING!!!!!!